Multi-mode practice: Here's what you need to know

You may not know, but it's pretty simple: if you have a mix of face-to-face, phone, and telehealth appointments, you're operating a multi-mode practice.

Multi-mode is the new "normal" for private practices

When the pandemic started months ago, health practitioners were the first to adapt and innovate to keep treating patients - without even realising it, you created an efficient and inclusive way to treat patients: the multi-mode practice.

Even when things go back to "normal", practitioners and patients have discovered a new normal for treatment, with fewer limitations and endless possibilities.

Multi-mode is good for business

Multi-mode practices are not only keeping treatment business as usual during difficult times, but they've proven to be a great business strategy.

Many practitioners are now having the opportunity to grow their practices like never before, without increasing costs with multiple locations, staff or a bigger waiting room.

Multi-mode makes healthcare better

Not to mention that multi-mode practices mean being able to make healthcare better for more people everywhere.

Halaxy has all the features you need to run a multi-mode practice

Now that you know the benefits of running a multi-mode practice, keep reading to learn more about the Halaxy features to help you seamlessly see and treat patients face-to-face and online.

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Here are the Halaxy features to support your multi-mode practice:

1. Telehealth

Create online video appointments the same way you create face-to-face appointments and Halaxy automatically creates the invoice and sends reminders for the online consultations.

Coviu Online Video Consultations
Halaxy integrates directly with the Coviu platform so you can securely use telehealth to see and treat patients online directly within the Halaxy interface.

Zoom and other video providers
You also have the flexibility to use Halaxy to manage telehealth appointments using other external video providers, such as Zoom.

Learn more about Halaxy's features for telehealth

2. Campaigns (Recalls, Marketing, and Comms)

Halaxy allows you to send mass SMS and email communications to your patients or to your referral network by running a report and using it as a mailing list called a campaign.

Here are some campaigns you may want to send now:

  1. To inform patients about phone and online video consultations;
  2. To inform patients about your practice's preventive measures; and
  3. To inform patients that your practice is open.

Learn more about smart campaigns

3. Online Bookings

Halaxy is the only practice management software solution to offer online bookings for sole, group, and video appointments, so you can have your practice management software, directory, all online bookings, and payments in the one place! Best of all: all bookings appear within your Halaxy, automatically.

Custom online booking confirmation: create a customised booking confirmation email informing patients about preventive measures, telehealth options, opening hours, etc.

Learn more about directory and online bookings

4. Online intake forms

Halaxy intake forms are online and automated, so you don't need to print any physical forms or enter data manually - once a patient submits the form online, their information is automatically and securely updated in Halaxy.

This means that the patient profile is completely updated, including the clinical dashboard, which tracks key data from clinical templates.

With intake forms you can request:
- Personal details
- Payment details
- Funding and referral details
- Social history information
- Consent to treatment and/or terms and conditionsYou can also attach clinical questionnaires to be completed within your intake form.

Learn more about intake forms

5. Clinical tools and templates

When you have created a clinical tool in Halaxy, you can assign the tool to a patient to fill out online via their patient portal before and in between appointments.

By creating a free Halaxy account, your patients have the tools they need to manage their health online, from updating their patient profile, to keeping track of appointments, invoices, and completing clinical tools and questionnaires remotely - saving you time with data-entry and patient management.

Learn more about patient records in Halaxy

6. Rebates processing

Processing rebates via Halaxy is also particularly helpful when doing online consultations.

It also removes the need for manual paperwork or clunky eftpos facilities, or for external hardware - saving you time and helping you and your patients get on with their day.

Learn more about processing rebates via Halaxy or watch the video

7. Payments processing

With Auto Payments, you can process and receive payments online via Halaxy - so you and your patients don't need to have physical contact with cash or an eftpos machine.

Halaxy Auto Payments helps you get paid fast and securely to keep your operations running as business all year round.

Learn how to shift from eftpos and cash to online payment processing

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As you can see, Halaxy has all the features you need to seamlessly treat and communicate with your patients face-to-face and remotely during these challenging times.

You can use Halaxy for free - there's no 30-day trial or credit card required.