Shifting from eftpos to online payment processing

Shifting from eftpos to online payment processing

There has never been a better time and an easier way to process payments online via Halaxy.

Many practitioners are now operating multi-mode practices with a mix of face-to-face, phone and telehealth appointments and have completely shifted to online payment processing to streamline their billing, improve cash flow and keep social distancing measures in place –cash and eftpos are now something from a pre-COVID-world.

Processing payments via Halaxy helps you save time and it means patients can get on with their day straight after consultations, streamlining your practice's billing now and all year round.

1. Online payment processing vs eftpos

Before we compare transaction fees, it's important that we quickly understand the difference between physical and online payment processing:

Physical - Eftpos uses a physical payment terminal to process payments. This means the cardholder physically presents the card and authorises the payment via the terminal directly.

Online - Halaxy uses an online payment gateway to process payments. This means that like other online transactions, such as eBay, for example, the banks can't confirm that the cardholder presented their card.

Because of the risks associated with online transactions in general, banks charge Halaxy a higher cost to securely process payments, which is powered by Braintree (PayPal). Not to mention Halaxy’s own operational processes to maintain and support secure payments for healthcare.

Even with the higher costs mentioned above, Halaxy’s Gold rate (1.7% + $0) is the cheapest online payment gateway in Australia for practitioners.

So as you can see, eftpos and online payment options can’t be compared the same way. Especially because eftpos rates may seem cheaper on the surface, but when you compare all the costs associated with maintaining a physical terminal, what you see is that Halaxy Auto Payments is much more cost effective and convenient for you and your patients.

Hidden costs associated with physical terminals:

·       Inconsistent merchant fees depending on card type (i.e. AMEX, Visa, etc);

·       Monthly fee to rent the machines;

·       Lock-in contracts and fees.

With Halaxy you only pay for what you process:
There are no terminal costs, you only pay for what you process and there are no lock-in contracts or fees, and you always pay the same rate regardless of the card type.

Halaxy Auto Payments is also extremely convenient for you and your patients:

·       Save 5 minutes per appointment and get paid faster;

·       Process payments remotely - great for telehealth appointments;

·       Charge for no-shows and late cancellations fees;

·       Accept full or partial payments for online bookings;

·       Remove the financial component from the consultation time;

·       Remove admin tasks and manage your practice’s cash flow better;

·       Patients save time as well, as they pay for appointments like they pay other bills.

2. Building the payment fee into your consultation fees or assigning it to clients

Because Auto Payments is so convenient, some health practitioners build the fee cost into their fee structure directly, so they don’t need to worry about it - it’s part of the services they offer.

You can pass on payments processing fees to patients, clients or organisations - and you have the flexibility to choose if, when and to whom you'd like to pass on the costs.

Learn how to allocate processing fees to patients and clients

3. Capturing your patients' card details for payment processing

Now it's even easier to have your patients' payment details updated in Halaxy, because instead of sending the online intake form to one patient at a time, you can attach the form to a campaign and send it to a group of patients at once.

Because Halaxy intake forms are online and automated, you don't need to print any physical forms or enter data manually. Once a patient submits the form, their payment information is automatically and securely updated in Halaxy - including their credit card details, which are encrypted and protected by bank-grade security.

Learn how to create a campaign to update your patients' payment details

4. How does Auto Payments work?

You can process your patient appointment fees automatically via Halaxy, without you needing to handle cash or manage an eftpos facility. There are three ways you can process payments via Halaxy:

1. With the patient’s credit card details
All you need to do is enter your patient's card details - and whenever they have an appointment - click "Process". It's that simple.

And it gets better: you can also set up your payments to be processed as a batch at a particular time of day, without you needing to do anything.

Don't have your patient's card details?
Use Halaxy's Payment Link (see below) or request the patient's credit or debit card details via an intake form and store it securely in Halaxy.

Learn how to set up Auto Payments

2. With a payment link
When you email an invoice, Halaxy now allows you to include a secure link that patients can click to pay the invoice online.

This is a great way to get paid remotely without handling card details over the phone, for example.

Learn how to add a Payment Link to invoices

How much does it cost?
Your rate is calculated based on the volume of transactions your practice processes in a 90-day period, so you can secure even lower rates by processing more transactions.

Halaxy allows you to accept payments via BPAY without any set up on your part, simplifying the payments process for you.

BPAY payments are processed through Halaxy's payments gateway, with your BPAY information automatically appended onto your invoices without you needing to do anything.

How much does BPAY cost?
The cost for using BPAY is now 1.70% + $0 of the transaction amount, the same as the Gold rate for processing electronic payments via Halaxy, no matter the number of transactions you process.

Learn how to set up BPAY

If you have any questions please contact us on or give us a call on 1800 984 334 - we're here to help!