Navigating Healthcare with Halaxy (November)

We take a look at some of the biggest developments in Australia's healthcare industry in November.

Navigating Healthcare with Halaxy (November)

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Inside Halaxy

Did you know that Halaxy is the only medical practice management software company in Australia that offers phone and email 24-hour customer service, Monday to Friday. We often get asked: why, especially when our main software is free of charge?

The reason is actually quite simple. We don’t view customer service as a cost; instead it is a core part of our product for the 35,000+ practitioners who use Halaxy to run their practices every day.

Halaxy is able to do this because we’ve deliberately designed our software to be easy to use and intuitive, with a comprehensive Help Guide. Everyone can easily learn and use Halaxy themselves, and then call or email us when they need to ask a question.

We don’t restrict access to our customer service team, it’s open to anyone and everyone who uses Halaxy. Whether you manage a large multi-disciplinary practice or are a sole practitioner, our dedicated team is just a call or email away.

As a business, we want to help as many people make the most of Halaxy as possible, as we strive to make healthcare better for everyone, everywhere.

Read more about our thinking on customer service now.

Did you know?

SMS reminders, Medicare rebates, SMS messages, and fax were the most used paid products across Halaxy in October!

Research that got us thinking 

KPMG Australia recently published its 2023 Healthcare Horizon's report, examining what the future of Australia’s healthcare landscape could look like.

One of the key themes of this report was the idea that healthcare is set to become more inclusive for practitioners, patients, and the various systems between them. This, argues KPMG ‘may only be achieved if the current approaches to technology, communities and workforces are fundamentals transformed over the next decade’.

A deeper focus on the further digitisation of healthcare will unlock further efficiencies for practices big and small:

‘To support inclusive healthcare systems, organisations will become employee-centric, improving digital enablement to liberate health professionals from routine work.’

We’ve designed features like automatic SMS and emails reminders, payments processing, and automatic rebates processing to not only help ‘liberate healthcare professionals from routine work’ as KPMG puts it, but also to allow practitioners to fully run, grow, and automate their practices. (And save up to an hour a day on admin, so you can treat more patients.)

You can read KPMG’s full report here.

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