Many practitioners from many different professions have asked us how to send out communications about coronavirus to all their patients at the one time via email or SMS.

You can easily use the Campaigns feature in Halaxy to send communications as a one-off campaign about the coronavirus, for example, or as a regularly recurring campaign, such as for recalls or with birthday messages every year.

Keep reading to learn how to send your campaigns via Halaxy.

Sending campaigns via Halaxy

Halaxy allows you to send mass email and/or SMS communications to your patients or to your referral network by running a report and using it as a mailing list called a campaign. Halaxy allows you to set your Patient, Appointment and Referralreports as campaigns.

1. Create your mailing list with reports
Campaigns are created from reports, so you must first run a report that captures the audience you wish to contact.

For example, to create a report that you can use as a recall campaign, you may wish to run an appointment report capturing patients who have not made an appointment in the last six months.

Here's how to run a report to turn into a campaign

2. Create your email
You can reuse an existing communication template or create a new one specifically for campaigns. The communication template is the email you will be sending to patients or to your referral network.

Learn how to create communications templates

3. Schedule your campaign
Now that you have created your mailing list using reports and the email you'd like to use, it's time to select the date and time that you'd like your campaign to be sent.

Learn how to schedule your campaign

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