From wishing your patients a happy birthday to letting them know your practice is now open on Saturdays - you can reach all your patients or a specific group of patients periodically and/or occasionally by setting up your Patient, Appointment or Referral reports as campaigns.

Every practice is different, so there's no recipe to create efficient campaigns, but we can help you identify the opportunities for your practice by providing more information about the reports you can create in Halaxy. The possibilities are endless and everything starts with the reports you create to set as campaigns.

Here are few ideas on how your practice can run campaigns and make the most out of this feature, i.e. much more than recalls:

Patient Reports

When running a patient report, you can choose from a range of report types, from birthdays to patients' location and contacts. You can also select gender, age, status (current, archived, etc.), as well as select the practitioner caring for the patient. So, here are few ideas of how you can use these details to run campaigns:

Flu vaccination campaign
You can run a report based on the age patients are eligible to receive the flu vaccination, and send an email and/or SMS reminding these patients to schedule their flu shots.

Cancer prevention campaigns
If your practice is running a breast or prostate cancer prevention campaign, for example, you can send different communications about these campaigns to patients according to their gender.

Practitioner relocating to another practice
If a practitioner in your practice is seeing patients at another location, you can run a report to create a list of patients affected by the change to communicate the new address and opening hours.

Appointment Reports

When running appointment reports, you can reach to patients you've recently seen and send a review or feedback form, for example. The appointment reports are also great to send check up messages and reengage clients and patients you haven't seen in a while.

Referral Reports

With the Referral reports you can create a list of patients who are running out of referrals, for example, and send them an email or SMS reminding them to bring one next appointment.

Staying in touch with your patients makes them feel special and valued. That's why Halaxy now allows you to send mass email and/or SMS communications to your patients.

The new Campaigns feature was created to help you stay in touch with your patients when you need it - saving you time and improving patient management and care.