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Like Halaxy, your Payments feature keeps getting better and better: now you can refund any payments already  processed and paid to you via Halaxy with the click of a button: the Refund button!

1. How to refund payments processed via Halaxy

Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Go the invoice you'd like to refund;
  2. Under the Payments section of the invoice, click on the Refund button (next to the Total amount);
  3. Select the Refund online payment option;
  4. Confirm the cardholder's payment details and the amount you'd like to refund, then click on the Refund button.

That's it! The funds are then transferred to the cardholder.

2. Understanding your refund options

Refund online payment: this option allows you to instantly process a refund straight to the cardholders' credit card, whether you have received the funds or not.

Manual refund: if you have provided the patient with a refund outside of Halaxy, such as via cash, you can select this option to record the transaction on the invoice.

Change payment to deposit: select this option when you'd like to use the payment across multiple invoices. So, instead of processing the refund to be deposited on the cardholders' credit card, by selecting this option the refunded amount will become credit within your account, ready to be allocated to a different invoice or transaction.

Note: you can see the refund amount as a Halaxy charge in your credit statement and also on your Expenses page in Halaxy.