More than 30,000 practitioners have signed up to Halaxy to manage their entire practices - saving them up to an hour every day.

Part of the reason so many practitioners rely on Halaxy to manage their practices is that - in addition to integrating patient records, diary, invoices, bookings, finances, and more - Halaxy can handle your payments for you, so you don’t have to!

No need to handle cash or eftpos again

Halaxy removes your practice administration by processing your patient appointment fees automatically for you - without you needing to handle cash or manage an eftpos facility.

1. Enter patient's payment details only once
All you need to do is save the patient's payment details and no matter whether you see the patient once or 20 times, the payment can be automatically processed for you, so you can focus solely on treating patients.

2. Process payments manually or automatically
You can also choose to process payments automatically at a set time into the appointment or at a set time of the day, or manually by clicking on the invoice - without having to manually enter the payment details again.

3. Reduce your no-shows
Payments processing streamlines your practice administration while helping to reduce your no-shows. Processing your payments via Halaxy can also help you enforce policies around late cancellation fees.

4. Separate the financial and clinical relationship with patients
Processing payments via Halaxy not only save you time but also helps you to separate the financial and clinical relationship with patients.

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How much does credit card processing cost?All invoices processed with Halaxy Auto Payments incur a 2% + AU$1 fee – unlike eftpos, there are no monthly or set-up fees.

Most practices see an improvement in administration costs and time, so they have more time to see patients and grow their income, or more time for themselves.

Halaxy's core software is free
All the essential features you need to run your practice are free - no matter your size or the number of practitioners in your practice. We only charge for optional add-ons to turbo-charge your practice.

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