New features: Process private health insurance claims in Halaxy, and more!

New features: Process private health insurance claims in Halaxy, and more!

Even though things have been quite challenging for practitioners for a few months now, today we’re sharing some great new features we’ve introduced to help you and your patients, no matter whether you see them face-to-face, over the phone or via video.

Here are the new features we've released today:

1. Private Health Insurance Claiming

Halaxy integrates with Medipass for easy private health insurance claiming from all major insurance providers in Australia!

You read it right! You don't need a terminal and can process claims directly from an invoice in Halaxy, and your patients do not need to download anything.

Medipass integration means you receive payment from insurers quickly, and your patients can make insurance claims and pay the gap fee right from their smartphone. Rebates processed with Medipass typically reach your account by the next day.

How much does it cost to process Medipass claims?
Processing an insurance claim via Medipass in Halaxy costs 3 Halaxy credits.

Learn how to connect your Medipass account with Halaxy

Processing a claim with Medipass via Halaxy
As you can see below, processing a claim takes just a few clicks from the invoice:

2. Calendar Location Filter: Filter appointments on the calendar by room or location

You now have the option to filter your appointments in the Halaxy calendar by room or location.Your calendar now enables you to show or hide appointments in a specific room or location by clicking Location in the top-right. This will filter your calendar so that these appointments are displayed or not displayed.

  • Simply tick or untick the checkboxes to hide or show appointments at that room or location on your calendar.
  • Click the name of a location to show all appointments at that location, including any rooms at that location. This also hides all other appointments (the location and all rooms at that location will be ticked, and all other checkboxes will be unticked).
  • Click the name of an individual room to change the calendar to the room calendar. To return to the practitioner calendar, click the Practitioner button in the top-right (shown as a practitioner's name).Learn more about filtering appointments based on room or location

3. Appointment location types for Online Bookings: Categorise your services booked online

You may have different costs and/or different services you offer in your rooms, via phone or via online consultations, so now you have the option to categorise how you display your services in your online bookings page to reflect how you currently operate.

Fees and Appointments Types
Your patients can specifically book in room consultations, phone consultations, or online consultations via your online bookings page based on the fees or appointment types you choose to make available. This is based on the "Appointment Location Type" setting for each fee or appointment type.

Automatically update your appointment location
Setting the appropriate Appointment Location Type for your fees and appointment types saves you time by automatically setting the location of appointments made via online booking. If you are using custom reminder templates for phone or online consultations, this will automatically use the correct templates and include a link to the telehealth video session if applicable.

Learn how to set the default Appointment Location Type for a fee and for an appointment type

Below is what your online bookings page could look like if you offer a mix of face-to-face, phone, and online consultations:

Learn more about your Halaxy in the Help Guide