Halaxy feature spotlight: patient arrival notifications

Halaxy feature spotlight: patient arrival notifications

Whether you're a healthcare practice manager, receptionist, assistant, or one of the thousands of admins that use Halaxy every day – Halaxy helps automate routine tasks and eliminate manual data entry, helping increase your efficiency and reduce your workload.

Halaxy feature: patient arrival notifications 

Halaxy’s patient arrival notification feature lets you quickly and easily notify the relevant practitioner in your practice that their patient has arrived for their appointment.  

Automating this process streamlines your administrative tasks and reduces the workload of practitioners and administrators, giving everyone in your practice the ability to provide better care to patients.

How to send a patient arrival notification  

After you see a patient arrive for their appointment, all you need to do is open the patient’s appointment in your Halaxy calendar, hover your mouse over Update Status and click Arrived.

Read our full help guide article to learn more about notifying practitioners of patient arrivals.

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