Help your patients prepare for telehealth appointments

Help your patients prepare for telehealth appointments

Telehealth is great for remote treatment and social distancing, but it can be a bit daunting for patients the first time around.

So much so that Halaxy practitioner and director of Zest Infusion, Dr Ilze Grobler, created a great telehealth information sheet to help patients prepare for their online appointments with her practice.

We love Dr Ilze's idea! So we’ve developed a Halaxy Telehealth information sheet that can be used by Halaxy users everywhere.

Halaxy Telehealth Information Sheet for Patients
The attached information sheet is a step-by-step guide on how to join a Halaxy Telehealth session, and includes FAQs and tips so patients feel at ease when attending telehealth appointments.

Download the information sheet here - please feel free to share it with your patients and clients!

Halaxy Telehealth is Halaxy's in-built video consultation tool
In case you missed it, with Halaxy Telehealth you can provide secure and affordable video consultations right from your Halaxy calendar, without needing any other software products or services. Keep reading below or learn more about Halaxy Telehealth here.

Learn more about Halaxy Telehealth in the guide