Halaxy Telehealth: Meet Halaxy's in-built video consultation tool

Halaxy Telehealth: Meet Halaxy's in-built video consultation tool

We're thrilled to announce that Halaxy's very own Telehealth module is now available in your Halaxy!

Halaxy Telehealth is Halaxy's in-built video consultation tool

With Halaxy Telehealth, you can provide secure and affordable video consultations right from your Halaxy calendar, without needing any other software products or services. That’s right, it’s completely within the Halaxy platform.

In 2020 and in previous years, we released several additional features to support telehealth appointments, enabling you to manage online consultations via integrations and other options. Now Halaxy Telehealth is here to remove your administration even further.

There's no setup or integration. Here's how Halaxy Telehealth works:

1. Simply select "Halaxy Telehealth" as the appointment location.
2. Click the "Halaxy Telehealth" link to start the consultation.

It's so incredibly easy, you can try the new Halaxy Telehealth right now!

Here's why Halaxy Telehealth is great for you and your patients:

✅ Start telehealth consultations from your calendar
✅ Send the appointment links automatically via reminders
✅ It's mobile-friendly for you and your patients
✅ Great for individual and group appointments
✅ Each patient receives their own link to join
✅ There's no setup or integration
✅ It's hassle-free and extremely easy to use
✅ Pay as you go with credits - learn more below
✅ It's secure and built for healthcare

Halaxy Telehealth is a game-changer for practitioners treating patients online
It's by far one of the easiest and most seamless telehealth options on the market and you can try it right now in seconds: simply create an appointment and add "Halaxy Telehealth" as the location.

Keep reading to learn more about the feature, pricing, and more.

1. Halaxy Telehealth - How it works

Halaxy Telehealth is Halaxy's in-built video and phone consultation tool.

With Halaxy Telehealth, you can provide secure and affordable video consultations right from your Halaxy calendar.

There's no need to sign up for an additional service or to visit another website for Halaxy Telehealth video consultations. Simply create appointments as usual, then set the appointment Location to "Halaxy Telehealth".

Note: To use Halaxy Telehealth, you will need a camera and/or microphone.

See the step by step here

Watch the video to see how you can use Halaxy Telehealth for your online consultations:

2. Halaxy Telehealth - Pricing

Halaxy Telehealth is one of the optional add-on features we offer to turbocharge the benefits of using Halaxy.

Halaxy Telehealth costs 2 credits per 15-minute block per patient
For example, a 15-minute telehealth appointment via Halaxy Telehealth would cost 2 credits or $0.44 (2 x $0.22 per credit).

If you buy Halaxy credits in bulk, a 15-minute telehealth appointment would cost as little as $0.30, and a 30-minute appointment would cost $0.60.

The approximate credit cost, based on the appointment duration, is displayed to you before you agree to start the consultation.

Note: You do not need to sign up or register for any additional service to use Halaxy Telehealth for video consultations.

To create a Halaxy Telehealth appointment, simply add a patient to an appointment and then set the Location of the appointment to "Halaxy Telehealth" in the Appointment Information panel.

Learn more about Halaxy Telehealth in the guide