Today we're sharing the success story of occupational therapists Avalon Nixon and Sophie-Anna Barling. Together they founded Qualia Therapy for Children almost 10 years ago in Sydney, and have been using Halaxy and Auto Payments to manage and grow their practice - so they have more time to focus on treating patients.

With extensive experience in paediatric occupational therapy, Avalon and Sophie-Anna started by providing mobile services, and now they run a beautiful practice with up to 10 staff and a waiting list in Hunters Hill, Sydney.

Qualia Therapy for Children provides comprehensive intervention services to assist children with areas of difficulty (including learning, developmental and motor skills) as identified by a child, parent or teacher.

We wanted to learn more about Avalon and Sophie-Anna's journey running and growing Qualia Therapy for Children, and how they have been using Halaxy to save time and focus on treating patients.

Here's a bit of our chat with Avalon and Sophie-Anna at their practice in Hunters Hill, Sydney:

  1. What we do as Occupational Therapists
    Sophie-Anna: our role as OTs is to help children to perform to the best of their ability across the different environments of their life.

    Avalon: it might be something as simple as shoelace tying...

    Sophie-Anna: or it might be that a child is having difficulty with writing in the classroom or maybe getting dressed at home.

  2. Qualia Therapy for Children
    Avalon: Qualia started 10 years ago and this is our 10th birthday this year which is very exciting.

    We have a waiting list of 150 children, we are up to a staff of 10 now, so we’ve been growing progressively over that time.

  3. How Halaxy helps us manage Qualia
    Sophie-Anna: we’ve been using Halaxy for quite a long time now. It’s made an enormous difference to the day to day running of our clinic.

    Avalon: we have become really organised from using Halaxy. Every time a feature is put out, we try to implement it in the clinic, try to get all our therapists on board.

    Avalon and Sophie-Anna: we use everything from the calendar, the bookkeeping, the clinical notes and templates, the billing system... absolutely everything that we possibly can use.

    Avalon: I think my favourite part is the automaticity of it.

  4. How Auto Payments is helping us save time and focus on being OTs
    Sophie-Anna: Previously, it took us quite a long time to process payments.

    Avalon: Halaxy Auto Payments means that a therapist isn’t having to process those payments individually...

    Sophie-Anna: It has been really helpful to just to be able to store their credit card on their client file, but also provide reassurance to the family that it’s being stored in a really secure way with a really trustworthy organisation.

    Avalon: it's easy to do, clear, simple, and I know it’s done so I can rely on it.

    Sophie-Anna: the fact that it just really allows us to focus on being therapists and have the payment part of the service work really seamlessly.

  5. Why we recommend Halaxy to other health practitioners
    Avalon: I’d recommend Halaxy to other health practitioners, I think it’s really easy to use, all the little parts of the software are integrated really well.

    Sophie-Anna: to have an organisation that responds to so nicely to our needs as occupational therapists makes a really big difference!

Watch the video: Halaxy visits Qualia Therapy for Children

See inside of Qualia Therapy for Children below and the chat with Avalon and Sophie-Anna.

Avalon and Sophie-Anna are Occupational Therapists and the directors of Qualia Therapy for Children, in Sydney, Australia. In this video, they share more about how Halaxy helps them manage their practice, process payments, and have more time to grow and focus on treating patients.

Watch the video below to learn how to set up Halaxy Auto Payments:

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