The reason over 55,000 practitioners have signed up to Halaxy is that - in addition to integrating patient records, calendar, finances, online bookings, and more - Halaxy is the only practice management software that can process patient appointment fee payments automatically, saving you 4 minutes per appointment!

As you'll see on the table below, Halaxy is also the cheapest online payment option in Australia for practitioners.

And the benefits go beyond electronic payments management – saving 4 minutes per appointment leads to increased revenue, less hassle and it means patients can get on with their day. Many patients report that they perceive the practice to be calmer and more focused on caring.

Case study: Compare the payment options for Practice A

Practice A processes on average 104 invoices per month with an average fee of  $160.40 per appointment, generating a total monthly income of $16,682 (these are real averages and numbers based on data from practices using Halaxy).

Payment Gateway Terminal Type Rates Charge Back Fee Monthly Internet Cost* Monthly Terminal Cost Total Monthly Cost
Halaxy Gold Online 1.70% + $0 $0 $0 $0 $285
Stripe Online 1.75% + $0.8 $25 $0 $0 $376
Square** Physical 1.90% + $0 $25 $30 $0 $319
TYRO Physical 1.10% + $0 $25 $30 $29 $185

Additional revenue for Practice A:

Like in Practice A's case, saving 4 minutes per appointment means you can see more patients and increase your practice's revenue considerably:

Payment Gateway Time saved per appointment (minutes) Additional appointments per month Additional revenue from new appointments
Halaxy Gold 4 7 $1,097
Stripe*** 1 2 $274
Square 0 0 0
TYRO 0 0 0

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