Auto Payments: No physical contact with cash or eftpos

Auto Payments: No physical contact with cash or eftpos

Avoiding physical contact has become both crucial and challenging in times of coronavirus - it’s something we’ve all become a lot more aware of.

With cash being quite dirty and eftpos keys used by multiple people a day, many practitioners are wanting to use Auto Payments to maintain social distancing.

Here’s a guide to how it works for those who are new to Auto Payments:

1. No physical contact with cash or eftpos
With Auto Payments, you can process and receive payments online via Halaxy - so you and your patients don't need to have physical contact with cash or an eftpos machine.

Halaxy Auto Payments helps you get paid fast and securely to keep your operations running as business as usual during the outbreak and all year round.

2. Simply click process
All you need to do is enter your patient's card details in Halaxy - and whenever they have an appointment - click "Process". It's that simple.

And it gets better: you can also set up your payments to be processed as a batch at a particular time of day, without you needing to do anything.

3. Save 4 minutes per appointment
By not having to handle cash or an eftpos machine, you can save 4 minutes per appointment and your patients can get on with their day - and people love it because it's similar to how they pay for utilities, the gym or Uber.

Watch the video to see how practitioners Avalon and Sophie-Anna are using Halaxy Auto Payments to grow their practice and have more time to treat patients:

How much does it cost?
Halaxy's core software is free, so all the essential features you need to run your practice are free. Halaxy only charges for turbocharge features, like Auto Payments/

With Halaxy Auto Payments there are no terminal costs, you only pay for what you process and there are no lock-in contracts or fees, and you always pay the same rate regardless of the card type.

Your rate is calculated based on the volume of transactions your practice processes in a 90-day period, so you can secure even lower rates by processing more transactions. And you can easily pass on your process payment fees to patients and clients if you like.

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