2020 Credits Promo is back: Top up $200, get 2020 credits!

2020 Credits Promo is back: Top up $200, get 2020 credits!

If you have been with us for some time, you know promotions like this one don't happen often, but in light of the challenging times brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, our team decided to bring the 2020 Credits promotion back - so you can purchase credits at the lowest cost possible and manage your practice better during the outbreak.

Top up AU$200. Get 2020 credits.
Top up between $200 and $500 by Easter (12 April) and pay less than $0.10 per credit! So if you top up $200, you'd get 2020 credits. That’s a saving of over 50% for many practices.

Halaxy Credits don't expire, so top up now and use the credits as you need.
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Using Halaxy Credits during the outbreak
Many practitioners are using Halaxy Credits to process Medicare and DVA rebates, send SMS reminders and mass communication campaigns to their patients and referral networks via Halaxy due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Keep reading to learn how you can use your credits during the outbreak.

Top up $200 today and get 2020 credits

Use your Halaxy Credits to manage your practice better during the coronavirus outbreak:

1. Process Medicare and DVA rebates via Halaxy

Processing Medicare and DVA rebates via Halaxy removes the need for manual paperwork or clunky eftpos facilities, or for external hardware - saving you time and helping you and your patients maintain social distancing.

Processing rebates via Halaxy is also particularly helpful when doing online consultations.

Whenever you have a Medicare and DVA appointment (in person or online), Halaxy automatically pulls together everything required for the claim (patient details, appointment fee, referral information), as well as reminders and clinical notes.

How much does it cost to process rebates?
Processing a Medicare or DVA claim via Halaxy costs 1 Halaxy credit - and there is no charge for rejected claims.

Learn more rebates processing the manual or
Watch the rebates processing video

2. Send mass communication campaigns

You can send mass communications to your patients to let them know if your practice is open or to share your practice's preventive measures during the outbreak using the Campaigns feature.

Keep your patients informed
Many practitioners have the option to continue treatment while maintaining social distancing by assigning clinical tools to patients. So you can also inform your patients about new ways their treatment can continue during the outbreak.

And because there's new information about coronavirus being released almost every day, with Halaxy's Campaigns feature you can also keep your patients and referral network informed about the latest updates.

How much does it cost to send campaigns?
Campaigns can be sent via SMS and/or email.
Email campaigns are free and SMS campaigns cost 1 Halaxy credit per 160-character message.

Learn how to send campaigns
Learn how to track campaigns

Learn more about Campaigns for coronavirus

3. Send SMS reminders for regular and online consultations

SMS reminders automatically notify your patients of appointment times and changes, whenever you make a booking.

Your patients can keep track of their appointments, which helps reduce your no-shows and late cancellations - and this applies to both regular and online consultations.

Learn how to set up SMS reminders

- Add a specific message to your SMS reminders about COVID-19
If you have changed the way you see patients or would like to provide more information to them about COVID-19 (e.g. confirming whether they have been overseas or not in the past 14 days), you can customise your SMS reminders.

Learn how to customise your SMS reminders

- Custom name and dedicated number
Halaxy makes it easy for you to customise your SMS reminders' sender name and number, so your patients know that the reminder is from your practice.

Learn how to set up custom name and number

How much does it cost?
SMS reminders cost 1 Halaxy credit per 160-character message.

Subscribing for a custom name and number costs 50 credits each per month - and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Don't know how to purchase Halaxy credits?

Check the short GIF video below or see the step by step in the Halaxy Guide. You can also contact us on community@halaxy.com or give us a call on 1800 984 334.