Worrying about work when you should be enjoying the Easter holiday is no fun. But knowing that your Halaxy calendar manages everything for you, and that you can access it anywhere anytime is what real peace of mind is all about.

So we've selected 10 features that show Halaxy's calendar is the right survival tool for your practice during Easter (and all year round):

1. Enter patient and fee details once - Halaxy creates everything else
From your calendar, your Halaxy automatically generates patient information, fees, claiming details, invoices, referrals, and clinical templates whenever you create an appointment.

2. Find everything you need in the appointment
Access appointment details and status, reminders, fee name and amount, clinical notes, invoices, claiming/referral, and patient profiles all from the appointment in your calendar.

3. Automatically notify patients and update your calendar
Halaxy's reminders automatically notify your patients whenever you make a booking. Patient responses are also directly integrated into your calendar, so you can easily see whether a patient confirmed or declined the appointment.

4. Simply drag and drop appointments
Drag and drop appointments to change their time - triggering a notification to be sent by email or SMS to the patient.

5. Create recurring appointments
You can create recurring appointments which can trigger your reminders and automatically create the correct invoice based on the fee.

6. Search for the next available appointment
So you don't need to manually scroll through your calendar. You can also filter by locations, practitioners, date ranges, time of day, and appointment duration.

7. Add custom availability
Halaxy’s custom availability lets you add additional ad-hoc hours or locations to your schedule, which updates your calendar availability and also updates your online booking availability.

8. Manage rooms and equipment for your appointments
You can add rooms and equipment to your patient bookings to further manage your practice all from the one place.

9. Online bookings
You can accept appointment bookings directly into your practice's calendar 24/7 with Halaxy's directory and online booking feature - which can also be embedded onto your website.

10. View multiple practitioners' diaries at the same time in group practices
If you have an access level that allows you to view others' diaries, you can view multiple practitioners' calendars at the same time - which makes appointment and practice scheduling easier and simpler.