What’s New in Halaxy: November 2023

Discover how Halaxy’s latest features, updates, and improvements benefit you.

What’s New in Halaxy: November 2023

From big updates like our telehealth improvements and assignment of benefits feature to making it easier for new practitioners to access our best features, in November we continued to improve Halaxy to help you not just reduce your admin – but automate and remove it completely.

In November we also launched our Cyber Monday Credits Sale – our first in over 2 years! Thousands of practitioners took advantage of that sale, stocking up on Halaxy credits for up to 50% off what practices normally pay.

Keep reading to discover how Halaxy’s latest features, updates, and improvements benefit you:

Here are the top features and updates that we released in the past month: 

Assignment of Benefits

Services Australia recently confirmed that practitioners are required to get patients’ approval when bulk billing telehealth services.

 In November we released a new feature that enables practitioners to quickly and easily get patient approval to bulk bill services – like telehealth services – straight from any Halaxy invoice.

Discover more about this feature for yourself.

Telehealth links can now be sent via SMS, making it easy for you
to send your video appointment links manually to your patients from the
appointment panel.

Learn how to Send Telehealth Links via SMS now.

Dynamic Data

You can now insert dynamic data into your clinical notes, which will automatically be populated with data from completed clinical tools for you, such as patient scores or answers.

Learn more about Dynamic Data now.

Custom Time Zones

Practitioners and administrators can now quickly and easily set their Halaxy account to display the time zone of their choosing, even when other practitioners in the practice are located in different time zones.

This feature is ideal if one or more practitioners in your practice works in different times zones, you’re an administrator who manages multiple locations across multiple time zones, or if you’re a practitioner who travels a lot between different time zones.

Discover how you can set a Custom Time Zone now.

Other Improvements

Discover some of the other improvements and updates we recently rolled out across Halaxy:

  • We recently updated our verification process so that practices with at least one verified practitioner automatically provides access to certain features to all its practitioners. Practitioners are still required to get their individual profiles verified to be listed in the Halaxy directory and take online bookings. Learn more.
  • With our two-way calendar sync bulk delete update, when you are deleting more than 3 appointments from your external calendar, you must review and confirm the appointments to also delete them in your Halaxy. Learn more.
  • You can now easily upload and attach files to any paid Invoice. Learn more.

For the full list of Halaxy’s latest features and updates, see our release notes.