What’s New in Halaxy: May 2024

What’s New in Halaxy: May 2024

Welcome to the May edition of our What’s New newsletter. As part of this monthly newsletter, we look at the most popular features released in the last month, what we’re working on to make Halaxy better, as well as any other important updates that benefit you.

Here are the top features and updates that we released in the last month:

Appointment Cancellation Confirmations

You can now automatically send an SMS or email notification to patients when their appointment is cancelled. Add dynamic terms for the appointment date, time, practitioner, and location so that your patient knows which appointment is being cancelled.

Learn more about cancelling or deleting appointments in Halaxy.

Appointment Reports

We have added the ability for you to include patient details in appointment reports. Halaxy’s powerful appointment reports make it easy for you to track and analyse appointment attendance and create lists of patients to follow up if they have not attended your practice for a specific period of time.

Here is what one Halaxy practitioner said about this latest feature:

"What a great way to start the week. Thank you for the positive update and please pass on the appreciation to the whole team."

Learn more about appointment reports.

Auto Payments Reports

You can now include bank account details as a new column in Halaxy Auto Payments reports. Auto payments reports help you quickly and easily reconcile money that has been deposited into your account.

Auto payments reports also make it easy for you to get more insight into any payments you’ve processed via Halaxy. When you generate an auto payments report in Halaxy, payments are grouped by bank account, and sorted by deposit level (group / practice / individual), based on by payment date.

Learn more about auto payments reports.

For the full list of Halaxy’s latest features and updates, see our release notes.

🍿 Halaxy Webinars

We held our second live webinar of 2024 in April: Streamline Your Scheduling with Halaxy. This webinar helps you unlock the magic of Halaxy's one-click workflow and discover how you can run your entire practice with Halaxy's Smart Calendar just by making a booking!

Watch the recording of our Streamline Your Scheduling webinar now.

🛠️ What We’re Working On

We’ve spent the last few months focused on major behind the scenes projects that benefit us all, no matter how you use Halaxy.

In the next few months we will continue adding more new features that benefit you, including improvements to Halaxy telehealth and updates to our help and resources centre.