What’s New in Halaxy: March 2024

As 2024 progresses, we continue to make small updates and improvements to Halaxy that have a big impact for you and your patients.

What’s New in Halaxy: March 2024

In February we released digital signatures and finished rolling out a group of features to help you customise the way people in your practice edit, update, and interact with your clinical notes and patient records.

Keep reading to discover how Halaxy’s latest features benefit you.

Here are the top features and updates that we released in the last month.

Digital Signatures

Practitioners can now quickly and easily add their unique digital signature directly to Halaxy clinical notes, pathology orders and imaging orders.

Learn more about Digital Signatures.

Set Patient Profiles to Private

Practitioners can now set patient profiles to private. After a patient’s profile is set to private, only users with an existing clinical relationship with that patient can access the patient’s records and clinical notes.

Learn more about setting patient profiles to private.

Other Improvements

Discover some of the other improvements and updates we recently rolled out across Halaxy.

Conditional Questions: Practitioners can now add conditional questions, based on a patient's answer from a previous question. Conditional questions can be applied to clinical question templates, patient intake forms, clinical tools, and social history forms. Learn more about clinical questions.

Lock Clinical Notes: Practitioners now have the option for all published clinical notes to be locked after a period of time, customised to the practitioner’s requirements. Locked clinical notes cannot be reverted, however extra comments can be added to a locked note. Learn more.

Xero Two-Way Sync: After you enable Xero two-way sync, any new payment you add in Xero directly or through your regular bank reconciliation is synced back to your invoice in Halaxy, so that the invoice is automatically marked as paid in Halaxy as well. Learn more about Xero syncing.

New Contact History Icon: Email and SMS history for patients, professional contacts, and organisations are now under a consolidated contact history icon.

For the full list of Halaxy’s latest features and updates, see our release notes.

Preset Fee Updates

From March 1, 2024, changes to the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) see new fees added, updated, or amended for Psychiatry Services, Orthopaedic Services, and a number of other services. If you are using preset fees, Halaxy makes it easy for you to import automatic updates for preset fees, for Medicare and other funders.