What’s New in Halaxy: July 2024

Discover how our latest features and upgrades benefit you.

What’s New in Halaxy: July 2024

In June we rolled out two-factor authentication (2FA) for all Halaxy users. 2FA helps protect your data and ensures that only authorised users can access your account. We also made improvements to Halaxy Telehealth and added a number of other features that give you more control over how you manage your Halaxy account.

Keep reading to discover how Halaxy’s latest features, updates, and improvements benefit you:

Here are the top features and updates that we released in the last month:

Halaxy Telehealth screen sharing

With Halaxy Telehealth screen sharing, you now have the ability to share a window or your entire screen with your patients during a telehealth video consultation – during both individual and group consultations.

Screen sharing makes it easy for you to share and discuss important topics with your patients during Halaxy Telehealth consultations, such as recent test results, insights into your patient’s health progress, and more.

Learn more about Halaxy telehealth now.

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

We now require all Halaxy users enable a primary 2FA method – from SMS, email, or Google Authenticator. 2FA helps reduce the risk of fraud, data loss, and common issues associated with compromised passwords.

While having one 2FA method is now mandatory for all Halaxy users, we strongly recommend that you enable multiple 2FA methods. Enabling more than one 2FA method gives you a backup method to access your Halaxy account in case you lose access to a 2FA method (e.g. if you lose your phone).

Learn more about 2FA now.

Patient arrival notifications

Halaxy’s new patient arrival notification feature lets you quickly and easily notify the relevant practitioner in your practice that their patient has arrived for their appointment.

Automating this process streamlines administrative tasks and reduces the workload of practitioners and administrators, giving everyone in your practice the ability to provide better care to patients.

Learn more about patient arrival notifications now.

🛠️ Other improvements

Discover some of the other improvements and updates we recently rolled out:

Patients online booking restrictions: You now have the ability to restrict specific patients from making online bookings with your practice and / or purchasing packages that your practice offers. This feature helps you manage patients who you may want to restrict from making bookings with your practice.

Admin note tasks: You can now add tasks to your admin notes. Tasks help boost productivity, maximise your time, and keep track of your practice’s priorities.

Patient sharing restrictions: You can now restrict specific patients from sharing information with your practice, including notes and files, clinical tools, as well as future prescription requests and other patient updates. 

Improved reports: You now have greater flexibility over how you view and interact with the data in a number of your Halaxy reports, including Finance Reports, Patient Reports, Communication Reports, Referral Reports, and Appointment Reports.

For the full list of Halaxy’s latest features and updates, see our release notes.

🧾 Halaxy preset fees update

A number of Medicare rebates as well as a number of WorkSafe and TAC payment rates, increased on 1 July.

Halaxy is unique in just how easy it is for you to update your preset fees – letting you import automatic updates for the fees you use and that apply to your profession, into your Halaxy – in just a few clicks.

We have already entered these updated rebates / payment rates into our Global Fee Database and you can update them now.

Many practitioners also increase their overall fees when MBS rebates / other payment rates are updated. Login to Halaxy to update your preset fees now.