What's New in Halaxy: February 2024

What's New in Halaxy: February 2024

In the last few months we’ve already released a handful of new features and improvements to Halaxy, including discount codes, improvements to our clinical notes, expanded letterhead customisation options, and more.

We’ve also got a ton of new features, updates, and improvements planned for 2024 that we can’t wait to share with the Halaxy community in the weeks and months ahead.

Keep reading to discover how Halaxy’s recent features benefit you:

Here are the top features and updates that we released in the last few months:

Discount Codes

Offer discounts on your services to new and existing patients – either as a percentage of the total invoice amount or a fixed dollar amount of your choosing.

Learn more about discount codes.

Clinical Note Privacy

This feature allows each practitioner to assign privacy and access settings to clinical notes. You can now restrict visibility so that only the owner of a note – or anyone that a note has been shared with – can view or open it.

Learn more about our clinical note privacy feature.

Improved Letterheads

Adjust the header and footer heights of your letterhead templates, as well as preview exactly how your applied letterheads customisations will be displayed to patients and other recipients.

Learn more about letterhead templates.

Other Improvements

Discover some of the other improvements and updates we recently rolled out across Halaxy:

  • Clinical Notes Sharing Options: Practitioners can now share a patient's clinical notes with administrators.
  • Send Invoices Before Appointments: Users can now automatically send invoices before an appointment takes place. Learn more.
  • Upgraded Annotatable Images: With our upgraded annotatable images, you can quickly and easily add and remove annotations, including text, lines, arrows, and more – to any annotatable image in Halaxy, on desktop and mobile. Learn more.
  • Manual Tax Rate: Practitioners can now manually set a tax rate of their choosing, for their fees and services.

For the full list of Halaxy’s latest features and updates, see our release notes