You probably know by now that HealthKit is more than a “Health” “Kit” – we are more than practice management software, more than directory and more than a personal health record.

Our platform and mission are much bigger than that: we help practitioners and patients navigate the complex galaxy that is healthcare, and we need a name that reflects this. So after 6 years and more than forty thousand practitioners in over 130 countries...

...Your HealthKit has rebranded to become Halaxy                          
Halaxy means health galaxy and that’s exactly how we see the healthcare system: a complex galaxy, with different moving parts that are often disconnected.

This is what Halaxy solves. Halaxy exists to connect everything in the health system into the one platform, helping practitioners like you navigate the health system and make healthcare better for everyone, everywhere.

What's next: Welcome to the galaxy of health
We launched in September 2019. From that date, you can log in to Halaxy, where you will find that the Halaxy design is more modern, but everything that you love about HealthKit remains the same - same workflow, service, price, and people behind it: our teams in Melbourne, Cork and soon in other locations.

Halaxy is the future
We can’t wait for you to experience how much your HealthKit has evolved and changed for the better.

Halaxy is the future: Practitioners can manage their practice, patients can manage their health, and everyone is in the same health galaxy, connected for better healthcare.

Welcome to the health galaxy. Welcome to Halaxy!

Alison Hardacre and Lachlan Wheeler - HealthKit's and Halaxy's co-founders and co-CEOS

Here are the key things you need to know
about moving from HealthKit to Halaxy:

1. HealthKit and Halaxy are the same product

HealthKit and Halaxy are the same product and share the same database, so you can access all your patient data in Halaxy (just as you do in HealthKit).

2. All you need to do is log in to Halaxy (there's no migration required)

You can start using Halaxy in September just by going to and logging in using your existing email address and password you use to log in now.

3. More modern design, same workflow

Based on your feedback, the only thing we’ve changed in the Halaxy workflow is moving the navigation menu from the top to the left, which means we have more space to show you all the features you need quickly and easily - and we can add new features even faster than we do already.

4. You have three months to start using Halaxy

Over the next few months, HealthKit will be decommissioned - but there's no need to worry, you have time to try out and get familiar with Halaxy, and switch when you’re ready in this period up until mid-November.

5. The terms and conditions are the same

The workflow is the same in HealthKit and Halaxy, as are the terms of use. You don’t need to do anything except log in to Halaxy.

Check out the Halaxy FAQs here