Halaxy's turbocharge features can help you reduce no-shows, save time with clinical billing, send secure messages to your referral network and streamline your practice management this year.

Top up AU$200. Get 2020 credits.

In case you missed it: Top up between $200 to $500 by 29th of February and pay less than $0.10 per credit! So if you top up $200, you'd get 2020 credits. Check promotion terms and conditions here.

Halaxy Credits don't expire,
so top up now and use the credits as you need.

With 2020 credits you can turbocharge your practice for almost a full year - here's how:

Sole practitioner | Credit monthly use (average)

If you're a sole practitioner and have an average of 38 appointments per month, on average, you'd use:

SMS Reminders: 38 credits
Custom name for SMS Reminders: 50 credits
Custom number for SMS Reminders: 50 credits
Two-way Calendar Sync: 25 credits
Medicare claim processing: 13 credits (based on 30% of invoices having a rebate associated)

Total monthly: 176 credits
Total yearly: 2,112 credits

What does it mean to turbocharge your practice?

Turbocharging your practice means spending less time with administration tasks, and more time doing what you do best: treating patients!

So, in a practical way, here's how your practice benefits from credit-based turbocharge features:

1. Remind your patients of appointments
With 2020 credits you could notify your patients for a year, reducing your no-shows and administration.

2. Update the status of your appointments automatically
Two-way SMS reminders cost the same as one-way SMS reminders: 1 credit. With the same amount of credits, your patient responses are directly integrated into your calendar, and you can see if the patient confirmed the appointment.

3. Make sure patients know that the SMS message is from you
When you subscribe for a custom name through Halaxy, your one-way SMS reminders come from your practice name. This lets patients know instantly that the message is from you in their phone notifications or previews.

4. Send SMS messages from the same number every time
When you subscribe for a dedicated phone number through Halaxy, you can use it to send out SMS reminders and messages from your practice. This means your reminders and other SMS messages come from the same number every time, ensuring that your patients will always recognise your reminders.

5. Process Medicare rebates manually or automatically
You can also use your credits to process Medicare rebates manually or automatically via Halaxy - saving you time and removing complexity from your practice's day to day.

6. Carry your Halaxy Calendar with you
Manage your Halaxy Calendar remotely by syncing it with Outlook, Google and Apple Calendars - both your Halaxy and external calendars will be updated when you create an appointment! So you can edit/enter information in one calendar and both calendars are seamlessly updated.

Best of all, if you top up $200, you have 2020 credits to turbocharge your practice for almost a full year!