Want to turbocharge your practice in 2020?

Halaxy's turbocharge features can help you reduce no-shows, save time with clinical billing, send secure messages to your referral network and streamline your practice management like never before!

Best of all, everything is automated and integrated in Halaxy - so there's no extra work, all you need to do is turn these features on and forget about it.

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The cost per Halaxy credit is $0.22, but if you top up in bulk it can cost even less!

To help you turbocharge your practice in 2020, we're depositing 2020 credits into your account when you top up AU$ 200 or more this week - it's less than $0.10 per credit!

Simply top up AU$200 in credits or more by 29 February and get 2020 credits!
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Using credits to turbocharge your practice
Halaxy credits are how you pay for Halaxy's turbocharge features, such as: SMS reminders, rebates processing, secure messaging, two-way calendar sync, and more. See the full list of standard and turbocharge features

Halaxy Credits don't expire, so top up now and use the credits as you need.

Top up $200 and get 2020 credits*
*Terms & Conditions Apply

Ready to start? Here's how you can buy credits:

First, add the card details you will be using to purchase credits:

Then, click on Buy Credits and add the amount you'd like to top up:

That's it - you now have credits to turbocharge your practice!

Check the step by step on how to manually buy credits
Never run out of credits! Learn how to set automatic top-up of Halaxy credits

Would you like to learn more about Halaxy credits?
Check the Halaxy Guide, contact us on community@halaxy.com or give us a call
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