That new restaurant you tried last week, the beach you discovered last summer, or even that TV show you've been rewatching for years - the truth is: if you like something you always make sure to recommend it to your friends.

And it has been like that for Halaxy: most of the 30,000 practitioners that have signed to Halaxy found out about us through a friend or colleague.

We hear happy stories like this all the time, so we thought it was time to thank you for the support and reward you with credits to keep improving your practice.

Have you seen the new Invites tab?

You've probably received our email about the 30K campaign this week. Today we'd like to give you more details on the impact one successful invite or 30 credits can have in your practice.

Quick summary of the 30K campaign: during the period of the campaign, you can invite all your friends to join Halaxy - when they sign up, you and your friend receive 30 credits each! To invite your friends simply go to the new Invites tab and click Invite Friends. That's it!

The campaign ends on 28 December. Terms & Conditions apply.

This is the impact of your 30 credits:

With the new Invites tab, Halaxy allows you to receive credits every time a friend that you invited signs up - in other words, you can turbo-charge your practice just with invites if you like. This is how:

1. SMS Reminders - Notify your patients for a whole month
On average, a Halaxy user has 28 appointments per month - with 30 credits you could notify your patients for a whole month - reducing your no-shows and administration.

2. Update the status of your appointments automatically
Two-way SMS reminders cost the same as one-way SMS reminders: 1 credit. With the same amount of credits, your patient responses are directly integrated into your calendar, and you can see if the patient confirmed the appointment.

3. Process Medicare rebates for 3 months
You can also use your free credits to process Medicare rebates manually or automatically via Halaxy - saving you time and removing complexity from your practice's day to day.

Considering that on average a Halaxy user processes 10 Medicare rebates per month - with 30 credits you could process 3 months worth of Medicare claims through Halaxy.

More reasons why you should give it a go:

Your opportunity to try new features
This is a very simple representation of how something small like 30 credits (which you can get for free), can improve your practice significantly.

And a great opportunity to use your credits to try our helpful add-on products.

Your friends will be forever grateful
Not only your friends will have access to the most complete and integrated practice management software on the market for free - but they will also be able to use their credits to supercharge their practices.

Know a friend who had signed up to Halaxy but didn’t get a chance to use it?
Reactivation also counts as new sign-ups during the promotion - so if you invite a friend to give Halaxy another go and they log back in to the software - you'll both receive 30 credits each!

300 credits - the sky is the limit
Now that you know how far 30 credits can get you - imagine 300 credits!
All your friend needs to do is add $10 worth of credits to their account or process 5 or more auto payments. And you will botth receive 300 credits each.

Plus credits are cumulative, so you can invite as many friends as you think coud benefit from using Halaxy to manage their practices.

But hurry! The campaign ends on 28 December, so remember to send your invites soon!