We've created a simple case study that shows how practitioners in a multidisciplinary practice could use Halaxy and how much they'd spend on average per month.

Case Study

Linda is a Physiotherapist who runs a multidisciplinary practice in Melbourne.

Her practice is focused on body and mind recovery, and it covers Physiotherapy, Orthopaedic Surgery, Psychology, and Nutrition.

Linda's practice doesn't have a receptionist, so practitioners are responsible for managing their own appointments, payments, and finances.

Linda | Physiotherapist

Financial reports
Linda tracks her practice's financial health quickly and easily with Halaxy, as it automatically tracks the financial statements she needs, including income, expenses, and profit and loss. Monthly cost: $0

SMS reminders
Linda usually sees the same patients weekly, monthly and in some cases every couple of months - so depending on the case, she uses email and/or SMS reminders to notify patients and reduce no-shows.

Patients responses are free, so two-way SMS reminders cost the same as one-way SMS reminders. Email reminders are also free. SMS monthly cost: $13.20. Email monthly cost: $0

Clinical tools
During her appointments, Linda also uses annotatable body charts and pain assessment tools to assess patients. All clinical tools customised to her profession are available in Halaxy for free. Monthly cost: $0

Total: $13.20 per month
*Based on 4 appointments a day for 22 days per month at a discounted rate of $0.15 per SMS.

Oliver | Psychologist

Recurring appointments
Oliver sees the same patients weekly or even twice a week, so he uses Halaxy's calendar to create recurring appointments, add clinical notes and comments. He also syncs his Halaxy calendar with his Outlook and smartphone calendar. Monthly cost: $0

Email reminders
He also uses free email reminders to notify patients and reduce no-shows. Monthly cost: $0

Clinical Tools
During his consultations, Oliver uses Halaxy's free clinical tools, such as K10, DASS21, and AUDIT assessments to exam patients. Monthly cost: $0

Total: $0 per month

Payments processing
Oliver occasionally processes payments electronically via Halaxy when he sees patients at his home office once a week. The payments can be processed automatically and cost 2% + AU$1 per transaction - with no monthly or set-up fees.

John | Orthopaedic Surgeon

Manage appointments in multiple locations
John sees patients at Linda's practice once a week, spending the rest of the week at his own clinic. He manages all appointments, including online bookings, all in the one Halaxy calendar. Monthly cost: $0

Process Medicare rebates
Half of John's patients are eligible for Medicare, so to save time, he processes all Medicare rebates automatically at the end of the day or 20 min into the appointment. Monthly cost: $11.55

SMS reminders
John uses free email reminders and SMS reminders to notify patients and reduce no-shows. Monthly cost: $23.10

Secure messaging
He also uses secure messaging to send clinical records to GPs and other health professionals - protecting privacy and improving patient outcomes. Monthly cost: $9.90

Total: $44.55 per month
*Based on 7 appointments a day for 22 days per month at a discounted rate of $0.15 per SMS; 50% of John's appointments have a Medicare transaction associated to them; and 1 secure message sent per day via Argus.

Teresa | Dietitian

Directory and online booking
Teresa is interested in growing her list of clients, so she has created a profile in Halaxy's directory and is using the online booking feature - so clients can find her online and book with her right away. Monthly cost: $0

Clinical tools
She also creates her own questionnaires in Halaxy and uses the BMI calculator, diabetes assessments, and weight tracking tool to increase patient outcomes. Monthly cost: $0

Total: $0 per month

Ultimately how much you invest is up to you

In Halaxy you have all the features you need to manage your entire practice without spending one cent. In fact, half of our users don't pay for anything in Halaxy.

And you also have the option to pay for helpful add-ons to turbo-charge your practice at any time - all tailored to your budget and practice needs, as Halaxy is designed for sole, group, and large multidisciplinary clinics alike.

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