Healthcare systems are complex and problematic the world over for patients and practitioners, and despite the differences between health systems (even between states and territories in the one country!) the issues are the same the world over.

Practitioners must deal with significant administration and deal with the complexity of different funding bodies and requirements, as well as deal with hectic waiting rooms. At the same time, two-thirds of patients do not get the treatment they need when they need it because they cannot find the right practitioner for them or cannot get in to see them.

Addressing these issues in disjointed ways and without solving all these issues together is limited and limiting.

For example, electronic health records without genuine integration into invoicing and billing does very little to reduce administration, and invoicing without the ability to process patient fee patients does not fully remove administration. Even sending invoices to funding bodies or processing rebates does not by itself significantly help practitioners in their practice.

For patients, finding a practitioner and having the ability to make a booking online may be helpful but without removing administration to give practitioners the ability to treat more patients, directory and online booking facilities are limited.

Halaxy is different.

Halaxy makes health better and genuinely resolves the underlying issues of healthcare for patients and practitioners around the world.

All practitioners need to do is make a booking and all their invoices, payments and reminders can be automatically processed for them, along with their patient records and financial reports, leaving practitioners to focus solely on treating patients.

Halaxy helps patients find the right practitioner for them as we have the largest, widest and most detailed directory of practitioners, and you can make a booking with them knowing that you're more likely to be able to get in to see them because they are not tied up with administration.

Halaxy is rapidly changing health for the better across the world, and we look forward to helping you.