Smart practice software for smart practitioners here in Ireland

Smart practice software for smart practitioners here in Ireland

Halaxy helps you seamlessly manage and streamline your practice the smart way, so you can focus on what you do best: treating patients.

In fact, many practitioners save an hour a day because Halaxy completely removes your administration across appointments, patient records, billing and financial reports.

Best of all: We offer our award-winning software for free and only charge for add-on features.

Here's how you can manage your practice the smart way:

Run your entire practice on the world's leading global health platform.

Free core software

Halaxy's main software includes all the essential features you need to run your practice, from smart diary and online bookings, to invoicing and financial reports - no matter your size or the number of practitioners in your practice.

We only charge for add-on features like SMS reminders and payments processing, and they're completely optional.

Customised to your profession

Halaxy is the only practice management software that is completely customised to any profession so you know it works for you.

20-hour real-time support

From setting up your account to migrating your entire practice, Halaxy offers extended customer support beyond anything else available: 20 hours a day! Want to learn more? Give us a call: 808 169 2468 - our local support is always happy to help.

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Run your practice on the world's leading global health platform with:

Smart Diary
Run your entire practice from your diary. Ideal for sole, group and multidisciplinary practices.

Online Bookings
Accept online bookings from your Halaxy directory profile or directly from your website. All bookings appear within your Halaxy, automatically.

EHR - Electronic health record
From clinical notes, tools and templates customised to your profession, to referrals, prescriptions, and clinical dashboard – record and monitor every single aspect of your patients' health.

Patient Portal
Online hub linked to your Halaxy account that allows patients to manage their health and securely share medical information with their care network.

See patients online just as easily as you see them face to face with video consultations, reminders, payments, and claims processing for telehealth.

Custom online forms  
Intake forms, consent forms, medical questionnaires and more - reduce data entry and securely collect your patients' personal and funding details, as well as social history and detailed clinical information.

Smart invoicing and payments processing
Automated invoice creation, emailing, tracking and payment processing. Automatically send paid, due, and overdue invoices, and don't worry about chasing payments ever again - payments can be processed automatically via Halaxy.

Appointment reminders
Reduce DNAs and late cancellations with automated SMS and email reminders.

Marketing campaigns and recalls
Halaxy’s in-built CRM system enables you to send SMS and email campaigns to your patients and referral network as a one-off event or regularly (and automated) recurring campaigns, such as recalls.

Tasks management
Create, manage and assign tasks linked to appointments, case notes, and invoices.

Financial (income, expenses, P&L and more), demographic, practice, communications, and clinical reports.

Integrate with Xero, Quickbooks, Reckon, Mailchimp, Outlook, Google Calendar, and more.

Training Materials
Comprehensive online support guide, packed with articles and videos on how to manage your practice better with Halaxy.

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As you can see, Halaxy has all the features you need to seamlessly treat and communicate with your patients face-to-face and remotely during these challenging times.

You can use Halaxy for free - there's no 30-day trial or credit card required.

Here’s what practitioners are saying about Halaxy

Here's what other practitioners in Europe are saying about Halaxy:

“Halaxy has never let me down!”
- Derek, Ireland
“Thank you so much for the data migration, I'm gradually getting the hang of Halaxy and can see how useful it’s going to be.”
- Louise, United Kingdom
“I'm just learning to navigate the system and so far I’m impressed."
- Mary-Anne, United Kingdom
“It is great supporting a software program where you feel that your voice is heard and matters!
Speaking from my own experience of working in clinics back in the UK, I think this is the biggest thing that marks us out from the competition. I've never experienced the level of attention and support as a user elsewhere that we in Halaxy provide for our customers!”
- Ize, Australia
"Halaxy suits me... it has basically modernised my entire practice, whether it was the online booking tool that allows patients to book into my calendar or the easy access to patient files. From my perspective it's ideal to have software I can customise to my way of working."
- Axel, Netherlands
“That it is a fantastic system that can do so much! The developers in Australia have done a tremendous job.”  
- Naushad, United Kingdom

Do you have any questions for us? Give us a call on 76 888 9222
Our support team is here to help 20 hours a day!

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