Halaxy email and SMS reminders automatically notify your patients of appointment times and changes, whenever you make a booking.

Your patients can keep track of their appointments, which helps reduce your no-shows. When you combine reminders with payments processing, your no-shows can reduce to as little as 1%.

SMS and Email reminders
You can send SMS messages and/or emails to remind patients of their appointments and then receive their confirmations and responses, saving you time and hassle.

Emails and patients responses via SMS are free, so two-way SMS reminders cost the same as one-way SMS reminders: AU$ 0.22 per 160-character text, or 1 Halaxy Credit.

Halaxy's reminders keep your calendar up to date
SMS reminders with patient responses are directly integrated into your calendar, so you can easily see the coloured labels to know whether a patient confirmed or declined the appointment, or whether you’re still awaiting a response from them.

Learn more about Halaxy reminders in the video below:

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