Process payment for an invoice with a contact's card details

Process payment for an invoice with a contact's card details

Your practice and your patients are unique. That’s why Halaxy offers all the features you need and we’re constantly thinking about all the small things that have a big impact on you and your patients day to day.

So if you work treating child patients and other dependants, it’s now even easier to manage payments for these patients.

Processing payment for an invoice with a contact's card/payment details

If the patient's contact has card/payment details stored on their profile, you can process a patient's payments using one of their contact's payment details instead of the patient's payment details.

This new feature allows you to process payments for a patient using a contact's credit or debit card. For a family, you can save just one set of card details, then add the cardholder as a contact for the other family members, and they'll all be able to pay using the same card.

You also have the option to use different contact’s payment details for different scenarios, for example when the child has different guardians or when elderly patients have multiple relatives managing their appointments.

Check the section below to learn how to enable and use this feature.

Processing payments online via Halaxy

Processing payments online via Halaxy helps you save time and it means patients can get on with their day straight after consultations, streamlining your practice's billing and helping you get paid faster.

Here's why Halaxy Auto Payments is great for you and your patients:

✅ It's powered by Braintree (which is owned by PayPal)
✅ It's protected by bank-grade security and encryption
✅ Securely store your patients' and contacts' payment details
✅ Get paid online for face to face and telehealth consults
✅ Charge for no-shows or late-cancellation fees, if you choose to
✅ Save up to 4 minutes per appointment and increase revenue
✅ You only pay for what you process
✅ No terminal costs, lock-in contracts, or monthly subscription fees
✅ Same rate regardless of the card type (i.e. AMEX, Visa)
✅ Pass on processing fees to patients or clients, if you choose to
✅ Social distancing and telehealth friendly
✅ No physical contact needed with cash or eftpos terminals

Competitive payment rates: With Halaxy, you only pay for what you process (no subscription or terminal fees) and Halaxy offers one of the cheapest online payment rates for practitioners in Australia. Learn more

Keep reading to learn how to manage and process payments for patients' contacts.

1. Managing patients' contacts in Halaxy

In case you missed it: you can add "contacts" to a patient's profile to denote emergency contacts, next of kin, or other familial or social relationships.

Contacts can be set to receive reminders whenever the patient receives a reminder; can be assigned as the payer of an invoice on the patient's behalf; can be set to receive communications whenever you email the patient, and be set to appear on the calendar whenever the patient has an appointment.

By default, invoices are automatically billed to the patient receiving treatment. If you prefer, you can set the default payer to the patient's primary contact instead of the patient. This is useful for child patients or dependants who do not pay for their own treatment.

2. Processing payment for an invoice using a contact's card/payment details

2. 1 Enable "Share credit cards" feature
To do this, you must enable card sharing for the specific patient-contact relationship when adding/editing a contact for a patient. Card sharing applies only to the specific patient-contact relationship; if you want multiple patients to be able to use the contact's card to pay, you must enable it for each patient-contact relationship separately:

2.2 Add payment details
Once card sharing is enabled, you can select the card you want to use whenever you process a payment:

Learn how to process payments from contacts