Here's what's new:

1. Option to process Medicare rebates automatically

Medicare, DVA and WorkCover processing will continue to be manual by default, so unless you enable automated rebates processing you’ll still process rebates from the invoice with one click.

You will be able to process rebates automatically from 22 October 2018 - without you needing to click or touch anything.

a. You decide when to process Medicare rebates automatically
Similar to Halaxy's Auto Payment feature, automated Medicare processing can be set at a specific time into the appointment - e.g. 20 minutes in, but also up to two hours - giving you buffer time if appointments are running over time. You can also choose to process your rebates automatically at a specific time of the day.

b. You're only charged credits on successful transactions
Credit charges apply to both bulk bill claims and rebates paid to patients - and you only pay credits for claims and rebates successfully processed.

c. Rebates are only processed if patients show up
Rebates and bulk bill claims are only processed when the appointment status is "attended"- so if it's a no-show, rebates will not be processed.

d. What if a Medicare claim is processed automatically with incorrect details?
You’d have to contact Medicare directly on 1800 700 199, just as if the rebate had been processed manually.

2. Send invoices automatically

You will also have the option to have your invoices sent automatically to your patients - again, without needing to click anything.

3. Workflow is completely automated

Optional automated rebates processing means that the entire workflow is completely automated right from the creation of the appointment - all you need to do is make a booking, and Halaxy takes care of the rest for you.

Medicare and DVA processing cost 1 Halaxy credit

All Medicare and DVA processing cost 1 Halaxy credit or $0.22 per rebate or bulk bill claim, i.e. the same cost as SMS reminders - which cost even less now when you top up in bulk.