A key reason why Halaxy is one of the largest practice management software providers in Australia is because we can handle the complexity of the Australian healthcare system for you, starting with how we process Medicare rebates.

Halaxy is the only practice management software in the world that can process Medicare rebates automatically or with the click of a button, which removes the need for manual paperwork or clunky eftpos facilities, or for external hardware - saving you time and saving your patients effort and hassle.

Whenever you have a Medicare and DVA appointment, Halaxy automatically pulls together everything required for the claim (patient details, appointment fee, referral information), as well as reminders and clinical notes.

Keep reading to learn how we’ve transformed online claiming in Australia.

Process Medicare and DVA rebates instantly with Halaxy:

1. One-click and batch processing
There's no need to fill out forms or key provider and item numbers each time you process a rebate. All you need to do is click a button and the rebate is processed instantly.  You can also process all rebates for a particular time period in a batch at the one time, saving you time and effort.

2. Automatic processing
You can also set up your Halaxy to process Medicare rebates automatically,  at a specific time into the appointment - e.g. 20 minutes in, but also up to two hours - giving you buffer time if appointments are running over time.You can also choose to process your rebates automatically at a specific time of the day - without you needing to click or touch anything.

3. Process rebates on the go - no hardware or integrations required
There's no need to install or connect any external hardware, so you can process claims anywhere anytime on any device.

4. Workflow is completely automated
You can choose to completely automate your rebates processing - all you need to do is create an appointment, and Halaxy takes care of the rest for you including processing the rebate without you even needing to do anything.

5. Rebates are paid overnight
After processing your rebates, manually or automatically via Halaxy, you will instantly receive a response from Medicare and the rebate is transferred to your patient's account overnight or your account for DVA and bulk bill rebates.

How much does it cost to process rebates via Halaxy?
Medicare and DVA processing cost 1 Halaxy credit or $0.22 per rebate or bulk bill claim - which cost even less when you top up credits in bulk.

All the essential features you need to run your practice, including calendar, clinical templates, invoices, and financial reports are free - no matter your size or the number of practitioners in your practice.

Halaxy only charges for optional add-ons that turbo-charges your practice.