Setting goals for the new year is a great way to create better habits that lead to a more fulfilling life - and your practice is no different. If you'd like to improve your practice in 2021, now is the time to plan and make the changes you need to create a healthier practice.

Key to success is to set realistic and achievable goals, so we've listed 5  your practice can easily stick to that will make a huge difference in 2021.

Best of all, there's no "new year, new me", instead of reinventing yourself or your practice, make small tweaks to save time and increase productivity, so you can focus on the amazing work that you do.

Here are 5 resolutions you can set to improve your practice in the new year:

  1. Leave admin work in 2020, and focus on what you do best
  2. Automate processes and work smarter, not harder
  3. Use your online presence to grow your practice without the legwork
  4. Have complete oversight of your practice’s health with automated reporting
  5. Put time for yourself on your practice calendar

Here's how you can easily put these resolutions into practice:

1. Leave admin work in 2020

First things first - if you want to have more time to make your practice better in 2021, it’s time to leave administration in the past.

Less admin work means more time to focus on your practice. Halaxy’s free to use practice management software completely removes administration by integrating:
- Online bookings;
- Calendar and reminders;
- Patient records;
- Medicare rebates;
- Invoicing and more - every time you create an appointment or receive an online booking.

With the right practice management software it's easy to remove administration and focus on your practice and patients.

2. Automate processes and work smarter, not harder

Being able to automate processes and save time is how Halaxy stands out from the crowd. Everything is connected in Halaxy, so you never need to do things twice, and can save time to treat patients, grow your practice, and enjoy life!

With Halaxy you can automate your online bookings and intake forms, payments and rebates processing, reports, marketing campaigns and much more.

3. Use online bookings to grow your practice without the legwork

You can grow your practice using Halaxy’s free online directory to help patients find you when they need it.

Having a profile in Halaxy and the option to book online, help you build a strong online presence and patients can book with your practice at a time that suits them.

All bookings appear within your Halaxy automatically!

4. Have complete oversight of your practice’s health

Halaxy automatically tracks all the financial statements you need, including:
- Income reports
- Invoice reports
- Profit and Loss
- BAS Statements

Halaxy also makes it easy for you to keep track of all aspects of your practice, from finance to patient records, appointments, referrals, and communications.

5. Put time for yourself on your practice calendar

With everything running smoothly in your practice, you have the peace of mind to take more time to recharge and plan for what you want to make happen in 2021.

Halaxy’s smart calendar enables you to manage personal and work appointments in the one place, not to mention we also integrate with your Google, Apple and Outlook calendars.

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