In case you missed, last week we announced that Halaxy now offers you the option to set up two-factor authentication for your Halaxy account and practice group.

This week we're sharing another change in Halaxy that will help you manage your practice's online payments with more confidence and ease.

The New Payment and Authorised Limits have been designed to add more protection to your payments processed via Halaxy, by preventing unusual transaction amounts from being wrongly processed by your practice.

1. Payment Limit

The Payment Limit amount has been set based on your transaction history, and it means you can process any payments that are equal to or lower than your Payment Limit amount.

This measure helps prevent unusual transaction amounts from being wrongly processed manually or automatically via your Halaxy.

Managing your Payment Limit
On the Payments page, you have the option to decrease your Payment Limit at any time, and also request a Payment Limit increase if you need. Simply contact us and we will review your current Payment Limit.

2. Authorised Limit

Your Authorised Limit is the payment amount limit you can process without having to verify the transaction with the cardholder via SMS.

For example, if your Authorised Limit is $400 and you process a $500 payment, the cardholder will receive a verification message via SMS. The cardholder will then have the option to accept or reject the charge.

In this way, the new Authorised Limit not only helps protect patients from high-value unauthorised transactions, but also helps prevent credit/debit card charges disputes in the future.

Managing your Authorised Limit
Similar to your Payment Limit amount, you can decrease your Authorised Limit on the Payments page at any time. If you’d like to increase the Authorised Limit amount set by Halaxy, please contact us.

Editing your Payment and Authorised Limits in Halaxy:

Simply follow the steps below to manage your Payment and Authorised Limits:

1. Go to Settings > Payments;
2. Under Auto Payment Settings, scroll down to find Payment Limits;

3. Click on the pencil icon to edit your Payment Limits.

If you'd like to decrease your limits:
4. Enter the new Payment and/or Authorised Limits and save.

If you'd like to increase your limits:
5. Click on Request increase or contact us on

If you have any queries about the new Payment and Authorised Limits, please contact us on