1. Automatically email your invoices

You can now choose to have invoices automatically emailed to either the patient’s or the organisation’s email address when the invoice is paid in full - saving you time and effort.

To send your invoices automatically, all you need to do is:

1. Go to Profile> Payments;
2. Under Email Automation, click Add New;
3. Select Level: Group, Clinic, Individual;
4. Select Automatic and save.                                                        

There's also a new email template for invoices sent to organisations

You now have the option to set an email template specifically for invoices sent to organisations - giving you the flexibility to tailor your message according to your practice's needs.

Learn how to edit your invoices

2. Merge any invoice - paid and unpaid

You've always had the option to add past unpaid fees onto the current invoice - now you can also combine paid and unpaid fees onto the one invoice!

This is particularly helpful when you need to provide your patients with a statement of all your invoices - both paid and unpaid.

To merge your invoices:

1. Go to the desired invoice;
2. Under the Fees & Charges section, click the merge icon;
3. Select either Unpaid invoices or All invoices;
4. Choose the fees you'd like to merge, and click Submit.

All done, the selected fees will be then assigned to the current invoice.

3. Move the fee to another invoice

You can always remove fees from an invoice before the invoice has been paid. Now you also have the option to move the fee to another invoice or to a new invoice - giving you more flexibility to manage payments.

To move the fee, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the desired invoice;
2. Under the Fees & Charges section, click the remove icon;
3. Select Move the charge to another invoice, then click Submit;
4. Select New invoice, Unpaid invoices or All invoices, and the one invoice you'd like the fee to be moved;
5. Click Submit;