1. NDIS Bulk Upload Report

You can now run and export NDIS reports in the correct format that are ready to be uploaded to the NDIS Portal - saving you time and effort.

Your invoices billed to the NDIS during a selected period of time can now be listed in the one spreadsheet from Halaxy. The spreadsheet also comes with extra fields, such as quantity and hours, so you can add details if needed.  

Most importantly, invoices you create in Halaxy automatically include all the details required by the NDIS, so you don't need to do anything else.

Follow the steps below to run your first NDIS Bulk Upload Report:

1. Go to Finances > Reports;
2. Click New Report;
3. Select Report Type: NDIS Bulk Upload;
4. Fill in the rest and click Run.

The NDIS Bulk Upload Report is one of Halaxy's many exclusive features, as it is closest to a direct NDIS integration currently available on the market.

2. Scheduled Rebate Processing

Medicare and DVA processing will continue to be manual by default, so unless you enable automated rebates processing you’ll still process rebates from the invoice with one click rather than having them automatically processed for you.

Similar to Halaxy's Auto Payment feature, automated Medicare processing can be set for a specific time of the day or a specific time into the appointment - e.g. 20 minutes in, but also any time up to two hours - giving you buffer time if appointments are running over time.

To set up automated processing, simply follow the steps below:

1. Go to Profile > Payments;
2. Under Scheduled Rebate Processing, click Add New;
3. Select Level: Group, Clinic, or Individual;
4. Select either:

  • “mins into the appointment” and the number of minutes; or
  • “each day” and choose the time the rebates are to be processed.

5. Then click Save.

Things to know about Medicare processing:

You're only charged credits on successful transactions
Both manual and automatic Medicare processing cost 1 Halaxy credit or $0.22 per rebate or bulk bill claim - and you only pay credits for claims and rebates successfully processed.

You can also top up credits in bulk and save, while also improving your practice.

Rebates are only processed if patients show up
Rebates and bulk bill claims are only processed when the appointment status is "attended"- so if it's a no-show, rebates will not be processed.