New Feature: Introducing Halaxy Discount Codes

With our new discount codes feature, practitioners have the flexibility to offer new and existing patients discounts on their services.

New Feature: Introducing Halaxy Discount Codes

You can now create unique discount codes for online bookings and packages in Halaxy.

With discount codes you have the flexibility to offer new and existing patients discounts on your services – either as a percentage of the total invoice amount or a fixed dollar amount of your choosing.

Fully Customised to Your Needs

Discount codes are also fully customisable to your needs. You can set minimum spend requirements, expiry dates, and even choose who in your group, practice location, or practitioner a discount code can be used for.

Here are just some of the ways you could use discount codes to run and grow your practice:

  • A physiotherapist may want to use a discount code to offer a percentage discount for patients who need extended rehabilitation programs made up of 10 or more sessions, as part of a package
  • A large dietetics practice could offer a flat fee discount of $50 on all introductory sessions for new patients in January using a discount code of their choosing
  • A practitioner may want to provide an individual patient with a discount code if the patient is needing treatment but struggling with cost of living issues.

How to Set Up a Discount Code

Ready to set up your first discount code? Read our step-by-step guide on how to Create and Manage Discount Codes for your practice now.

While we have you here...

Discount codes work perfectly with Halaxy’s online packages feature, which make it easy for patients to book packaged bundles of your services online, all in one go.

Combined, discounts + packages are a powerful way to reward long-term patients or attract new ones when you want to, while allowing you to get paid for multiple appointments up front. Read more about how to Create and Sell Packages here.