Navigating the Galaxy of Health with Halaxy (December)

We take a look at some of the biggest developments in Australia's healthcare industry in December.

Navigating the Galaxy of Health with Halaxy (December)

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🌌 Inside Halaxy

This month we made a number of improvements to Halaxy’s letterheads and annotatable images.

We improved the overall functionality of Halaxy’s annotatable images, allowing practitioners to quickly and easily add and remove annotations, such as text, lines, arrows, and more, to any annotated image in Halaxy – on desktop and mobile devices.

For our letterhead update, we made a few small changes that have a big impact, including giving practitioners the ability to adjust letterhead header footer heights and preview your practice’s letterheads, so you see exactly how any applied customisations will be displayed to patients and other recipients.

Discover how to activate our improved Annotatable Images + Letterheads

👀 Feature Sneak Peek

We’ve also got a ton of exciting features coming out in next few months, including practitioner signatures, surveys, even more customisation options for clinical note letterheads, and some powerful new improvements for clinical notes.

🗂️ Research That Caught Our Eye

KPMG’s latest research into the Future of Healthcare highlighted many of the recurring themes that we have touched on in previous newsletters. Virtual health is expected to emerge as one of the most popular options for practitioners and patients, cloud-based technology solutions are on the rise, and practices are looking to reduce costs by leveraging smart technology.

Virtual health solutions aren’t expected to just drive efficiencies within practices mind you. As KPMG points out, ‘modernizing healthcare by reducing labor-intensive and inefficient processes through the broader use of digital solutions [like Halaxy] can help accelerate progress,’ which can have a significant positive impact on reducing rates of burnout and illness amongst practitioners and their staff.

Halaxy sits at the intersection of these trends – offering practitioners free access to cloud-based practice management software that doesn’t just reduce admin but removes it completely. By automating intensive and inefficient processes – from booking & managing appointments, complex clinical billing, and even payments processing – practitioners have more time to focus on patient care.

You can read the full breakdown of KPMG's research here

📰 What We’ve Been Reading

Check out the healthcare news that we’ve been reading:

  • The Australian government recently released its National Health and Climate Strategy, which focuses on how climate change intersects with health. (Australian Government)
  • What impact will a recent federal court judgment have on how practitioners approach the voluntary assisted dying process. (RACGP)
  • The important role cultural safety plays in driving improved health outcomes. (RACGP)
  • The Australia government is ramping up its focus on digital health - with a digital health blueprint soon to be released. What will that mean for practitioners and patients? (Pulse.IT)
  • An economic perspective on how Australia's health system compares on the world stage. (RACGP)