Navigating the Galaxy of Health with Halaxy: April 2024

Navigating the Galaxy of Health with Halaxy: April 2024

Welcome to the April edition of our Navigating the Galaxy of Health with Halaxy newsletter. As part of this monthly newsletter, we’re committed to bringing you some of the biggest developments in Australian healthcare, including top research, news, and the inside take of what’s been happening at Halaxy.

🌌 Inside Halaxy

After moving offices in March, we welcomed our first visitor from the Cork team to Halaxy’s new Melbourne office. This is the first visitor we’ve had from Cork to Melbourne since the start of the pandemic!

This month we also hosted our second live webinar of 2024, looking at how practitioners can benefit from Halaxy’s one-click workflow to streamline their scheduling. You can watch the recording of our Streamline Your Scheduling webinar by clicking here.

🗂️ Research That Caught Our Eye

Research from the US firm SVB identified some of the key problems currently facing the healthcare industry and how businesses like Halaxy are addressing those problems. In 2023, over US$2 billion was invested into healthtech solutions aimed at reducing burnout and administrative burden among practitioners. In that same period, significant investment was also made into helping individuals take charge of their own health.

Halaxy is an all-in-one platform that helps both practitioners and individuals.

For practitioners, all you need to do is make an appointment and Halaxy automatically creates the correct reminder, invoice, payment, patient record and clinical report, without you needing to do anything. This saves you several minutes per appointment, which saves you up to an hour every day, which you can spend treating patients.

Halaxy also helps individuals take control of their personal health journey, giving them the tools to manage their appointments and clinical records, communicate with their care network, and track their health progress over time.

📰 What We’ve Been Reading

Check out the healthcare news that we’ve been reading:  

  • A look at the opportunities that could accelerate the digitisation of Australia's healthcare industry (Healthcare IT News)
  • How changes to the definition of general practice could increase medical services innovation across key sectors (RACGP)
  • Why substantial investment needs to be made in Australia's mental health workforce (Black Dog Institute)
  • How an incentives mismatch is impacting outcomes for Australian mental health patients (Health Times)
  • Expert commentary on the impact of potential reforms to the Aged Care Act (RACGP)