More than 50,000 practitioners have signed to Halaxy!

More than 50,000 practitioners have signed to Halaxy!

We've reached an amazing milestone:
50,000 practitioners have signed up to Halaxy.

We could not have achieved this milestone without you.
Thank you so much for your support over the years.

We launched Halaxy 7 years ago with a small team, limited funds, and a big mission: to build a smart health platform that would be free to use and would support practitioners, patients and people everywhere. We’re focused on making healthcare better for everyone.

Halaxy was a much smaller product, team, and operation back in 2013. In fact, everyone in Halaxy answered calls from customers, and all calls came through to the one old mobile phone!

Now we have Service Teams globally, who help customers everywhere. In fact, staying in touch with you helps us create a better Halaxy for you every day. By listening to you and all the 50,000 practitioners who’ve joined Halaxy over the years, we’ve built (and continue to build) a product, a business, and a team that we're really proud of.

Most importantly, Halaxy is making healthcare better for you and your patients, and this is our biggest achievement!

You've been part of this journey with us, so we thought we'd share some current stats with you:

  • 50K practitioners have signed up to Halaxy
  • 1M+ appointments are created per month
  • 70K telehealth appointments per month (from 1K in Feb 2020)
  • 800K patients treated per month

We've come a long way and we have so much more planned for your Halaxy in 2021. So stay tuned for what's coming next and thanks again for choosing Halaxy to manage your practice!