More new features added to intake forms

More new features added to intake forms

It goes without saying that paper patient intake forms are something from a pre-COVID-19 world.Halaxy's intake forms were a must-have for modern practices when we introduced them in 2018 (way before the outbreak); now they are an absolute necessity for streamlining face-to-face and remote patient management and care.

The great news is that Halaxy Intake Forms are even better now, with new features added this week and more coming next week - so if you were thinking about finally going paperless, now is the time to do so!

Halaxy intake forms are a faster, cleaner, and safer way to collect your patients' personal details, ​funding details, social history, and even detailed clinical information. You can also attach your clinical questionnaires and consent forms to be completed at the same time!

Because Halaxy intake forms are online and automated, you don't need to print any physical forms or enter data manually - once a patient submits the form, their information is automatically and securely updated in Halaxy. This means that the patient profile is completely updated, including the clinical dashboard, which tracks key data from clinical templates

Here's the list of new features being added to patient intake forms:
✅ Consent form for intake forms
✅ View, export and print completed intake forms
✅ Enable/disable two-factor authentication
✅ Reorder attached templates
✅ Request patient signature - coming next week
✅ Preview your intake form via email - coming next week

Keep reading to learn how to use the new features in your practice - you can also join our Intake Forms Webinar next week. Register here

Patient Intake Forms
Additional features available now:

Any clinical note template (but not clinical tool template) added to a patient intake form will automatically have a checkbox appended to it labelled "I accept the terms listed above" for your patients to tick.

This allows you to easily capture consent to treatment and to terms and conditions.
Patients will not be able to submit the form without ticking the checkbox.

Learn how to create and add a consent form

2. View completed intake forms

When a patient submits a completed intake form, you will receive a notification in Halaxy and their patient profile will be automatically updated with the information.

You can now also view the completed intake form in its entirety - so you can see exactly what a patient has entered, including acceptance of terms and conditions.

Learn how to view completed intake forms

See completed intake forms in Halaxy or export them to PDF
You will be able to view and navigate the completed intake form as a pop-up in a view that matches how patients see the intake form and click Print to print it or export it to PDF.

3. Enable or disable 2FA

When enabling intake forms you now have the option to enable or disable 2FA (two-factor authentication).

If you select Yes, patients will be emailed an authentication code that they will need to enter before being able to access the intake form. If you select No, this step is skipped.

Patient Intake Forms - New features coming next week:

5. Request your patients' signature

You will be able to request your patients' signature before they complete and submit their intake form. This feature will be available next week - stay tuned for more details coming soon!

6. Send a preview intake form email
We're adding a Preview button to your Intake Forms settings page, so you can send a test or preview intake form email to yourself.

You will be able to test the intake form link and complete the test intake form online, just like if you were the patient.
This is what the intake form preview pop-up will look like - and you even have the option to attach files while testing your intake form email.