You might use your HealthKit for all your accounting needs or you might integrate your HealthKit software with your preferred accounting package - either way, HealthKit is always adding new features so you can manage your practice's finances seamlessly from the one place.

And that's exactly what this week's feature is all about! You can now create custom fee categories to manage the way you record your revenue in HealthKit and also reflect the way you manage your fees in Xero, Reckon or QuickBooks - very easy!

Here's how it works:

Custom Fee Categories

Similar to how you create your own custom payment methods in HealthKit, you now have the option to add custom options to your list of preset fee categories.

This means that you can add or remove the preset fee categories that are relevant to your practice, and create custom fee categories that you can match in HealthKit with your Xero, Quickbooks, or Reckon revenue chart of accounts.

To add a new fee category, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Profile > Settings;
  2. Under Fee Categories, click on View all next to Fee Category List;
  3. Click on Add new fee category, type the name of your new category and save.

By creating your own custom fee categories and keeping active only the fee categories that are relevant to your practice, you can save time and keep everything organised whilst quickly matching how your revenue is recorded in HealthKit with the correspondent chart of accounts in your accounting software, like in the example below:

Custom fee categories is another small feature that has a big impact in saving you time and keeping all your finances in place.