A brand new year is like a blank sheet of paper, the possibilities are endless.

Whether you'd like to grow your practice, make more time for yourself, or focus on increasing patient outcomes, Halaxy is the powerful tool you need to make things happen in 2019.

Can I worry about this next year?

How about not worrying about your practice ever? Halaxy handles everything for you, so you don't need to worry about managing your practice during the holidays or all year round.

Grow your practice in 2019 with Halaxy’s free online booking service

1. Leave administration in 2018
First things first - if you want to have more time to make your practice better in 2019, it's time to leave administration in the past. Halaxy's free to use practice management software completely removes administration by integrating:

  • Online bookings;
  • Calendar and reminders;
  • Patient records;
  • Medicare rebates;
  • Invoicing and more - every time you create an appointment or receive an online booking.

2. Help patients book with you
You can grow your practice without the legwork using Halaxy's online directory to help patients find you when they need it.

Having a profile in Halaxy and the option to book online, help patients book with your practice at a time that suits them.

All bookings appear within your Halaxy automatically, so you can focus on treatment, not administration.

3. Accept bookings directly from your website
You can accept appointment bookings directly from your practice's website 24/7 using Halaxy's embedded calendar. And the best part is: all appointments made online are fully integrated into your Halaxy calendar.

This is what it looks like:

4. Create appointments and patient profiles automatically
When patients book with you online, their information is automatically uploaded into your Halaxy account.

You don’t need to do anything else, simply confirm the appointment on your Halaxy Calendar. Patient profiles, reminders, invoices, and even payments are then automatically completed for you.

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