The Waiting List improvements were built so you can see more patients and save time managing tentative appointments.

Here's what's new:

Adding patients to the waiting list

You have three different ways to add patients to the waiting list:

1. Schedule tab > Waiting List

Simply go to the Waiting List page and click Add to Waiting List.

Add patient details, location, and practitioner
You can add the patient details (new or existing), select location, and practitioner according to the patient's preferences.

Select days of the week and time of the day
There's the option to choose the days of the week and times of the day that are more convenient for the patient.

Urgent appointments?
You can mark if the appointment needed is urgent as well as remove the patient from the waiting list if the appointment is no longer required after a period of time.

2. Waiting List button on your calendar

Click on the Waiting List button on the top of your calendar to add patients details and appointment preferences to the waiting list – in the same way as described in section 1.

3. Create an appointment and add Waiting List as the status

If the patient has a particular date and time they'd like to see you but the appointment is taken, click on the desired time slot, create an appointment and select Waiting List as the status.

Invite patients to attend the appointment
If the desired time slot becomes available, you can send an invite to the patient to attend the appointment. You'll be able to send an email or SMS (one-way or two-way, if you have enabled this option) to notify the patient of the newly-created appointment.

4. Learn how to move patients from the waiting list to appointments

Once you have an appointment time available to see a patient, you can move the patient from the waiting list to appointments by following the steps below:

1. Go to Schedule > Waiting List;
2. Click on the patient's name, then on Move to appointment;
3. Enter the appointment details and save.