We get this question a lot.

And that's fine, we're always happy to provide more information about our model and our pricing, as you can see in the comments below:

"How much?" The short answer is: "It's up to you"
Our business model is different: Halaxy's standard features are 100% free to use - you only pay for the add-ons you need. So you can use Halaxy's core software for free and you pay only for optional add-ons - so it's up to you!

Halaxy's free core software includes all the essential features you need to run your entire practice:

✔ Smart calendar
✔ Online bookings
✔ Search directory
✔ Email reminders
✔ Invoicing and billing
✔ Patient records - from case notes to clinical tools
✔ Financial reports
✔ Mass email campaigns and recalls
✔ Integrations and more

✔ Free support via phone and email - 24-hour, Monday to Friday
✔ Multiple users and locations
✔ File storage
✔ New updates almost every week

Optional add-ons - Halaxy costs $0.00 per month and you also have the option to use some of the add-ons, like SMS reminders, fax messages, secure messaging, payment processing, and more. The cost for practices is minimal because you only pay for what you use. See the full list of free and paid features

We're proud to offer Halaxy for free - Here's why:
We've developed Halaxy to make healthcare better everywhere - by offering it for free, everyone can use our software to optimise and grow their practice.

We’d prefer to be making a little bit of money from many people rather than a lot of money from a few. This way we can grow rapidly and help as many people as possible!

No compromises
Halaxy's award-winning software is one of the world's best health technologies. We're also one of the largest providers of practice management software in Australia, with more than 50,000 happy practitioners signed up to Halaxy.

Sign up for free today - no credit card or 30-day trial