Here's how we make Halaxy better for you and your patients

Here's how we make Halaxy better for you and your patients

Our mission is to build a smart health platform that is free to use and supports practitioners, patients, and people everywhere. We’re focused on making healthcare better for everyone. It's a big mission, but so is our team's dedication, skills, and passion to make it happen.

Our mission starts from within, we look after our team so they have the support they need to help you and your patients navigate the complex galaxy that is healthcare.

Today we're sharing the results of our latest Team Health Check Survey, to provide more information about how we work and deliver more value to you by creating a fantastic work environment for our team.

Halaxy Team Health Check Results
We conducted our second Team Health Check in November 2020 to find out what it’s like to work at Halaxy and how we can keep making Halaxy and healthcare better for everyone.

Here are the key results:

  • eNPS score: Employee Net Promoter Score is 93 (global benchmark is 31*).
  • Engagement: 100% of employees feel completed involved in their work.
  • Inclusive culture: 82% agree Halaxy embraces diversity and inclusion.
  • Purpose: 100% of staff understand how their work impacts Halaxy's mission.
  • Growth: 93% of employees believe we will reach our growth plans for 2021.
  • COVID-19: 100% are happy with how Halaxy has handled the pandemic.
  • Equality: 93% believe everyone in the team has access to equal employment opportunities.

    *2020 SurveyMonkey global benchmark data.

The results were very positive, and we're looking forward to improving Halaxy in 2021 even further, so we can continue to make healthcare better for you and your patients - and this is our biggest achievement as a team!

Stay tuned for what's coming next and thanks again for choosing Halaxy to manage your practice.