Halaxy Telehealth just got better: introducing screen sharing

Halaxy Telehealth just got better: introducing screen sharing

Halaxy Telehealth makes seeing your patients online just as easy as seeing them face-to-face, giving you the flexibility to treat and communicate with your patients remotely, as well as process payments and claims online, and manage appointments easily.

Now, we’ve made Halaxy Telehealth even better!

Introducing: telehealth screen sharing

With Halaxy Telehealth screen sharing, you now have the ability to share a window or your entire screen with your patients during a telehealth video consultation.

All you have to do is click the Share Screen button during a telehealth video consultation and Halaxy does the rest.

Screen sharing makes it easy for you to share and discuss important topics with your patients during Halaxy Telehealth consultations, including:

  • Discussing recent test results and next steps
  • Completing clinical tools – like questionnaires or annotatable images – in real-time
  • Providing an overview and insights into your patient’s health progress through their clinical dashboard

Best of all, Halaxy’s Telehealth screen sharing is available for both individual and group consultations. 

Want to learn more? Read our full help guide article to learn more about Halaxy telehealth now.

How Halaxy Telehealth benefits you

Thousands of practitioners use Halaxy Telehealth every month because:

It’s easy – Make telehealth appointments and send reminders directly from your calendar in just a few clicks.

✅ It’s flexible – Quickly and easily run virtual individual and group telehealth appointments (plus, Halaxy telehealth, including our screen sharing feature, is mobile friendly!) 

It’s cost effective – Pay as you go with Halaxy credits, with video consultations costing just 2 credits per 15 minutes per patient.