From 1st July 2019, Medicare is increasing its fees for the first time in 7 years, but if you have imported your fees from Halaxy's preset fees, there's no need to worry about updating rebate amounts - Halaxy's got you covered!

And if you have created your own fees in Halaxy - we've got you covered as well.

Here's how Halaxy's got you covered:

1. Our Medicare, NDIS, and TAC preset fees are ready for July 1st
If you have imported our preset fees, all you need to do is go to your Fees page and click on Update Fees to check all the fees that need to be updated and click on the ones you'd like to update.

Halaxy is the only practice management software in the world to manage appointment fees like this for you, so we have steps in place and even new features to make sure you have the peace of mind to continue focusing on what you do best: treat patients.

To update all preset fees at once, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Finances > Fees;
  2. Click on Update Fees; then
  3. Click on Update next to the fees you's like to update;
  4. Select if you'd like to update future, past or all invoices, and save.

To update individual fees:

  1. Go to Finances > Fees;
  2. Click on the fee you'd like to update;
  3. On the fee page, click on Update Fee;
  4. Select if you'd like to update future, past or all invoices, and save.

2. New: Add a date range to your fees
If you have created your own fees or you'd like to add a custom date to when you'd like your invoices to display the new fees, you can now add date ranges to your fees. This way your existing and future invoices will be updated according to the date range that you add to your fees.

3. Practice or Individual Fee
You also now have the option to customise your fees at a practice and/or individual practitioner level, so if you select Clinic, the new fee amount will be used for all invoices for that practice only; if you select Individual, you can select the practitioner and practices the change will apply.

Other funding bodies:
WorkCover QLD and Return to Work SA
We're in the process of updating these fees as well as other funding bodies, so if you have imported the above fees using Halaxy's preset fees, you will have the option to auto update them very soon (in the next few days). We will keep you posted!

What's next: Keep importing your preset fees
As you can see, importing your preset fees from Halaxy not only saves you time but helps your Halaxy stay up to date when funding bodies make changes to their fees. So, make sure you keep importing your preset fees and other preset data when you need it and Halaxy will continue to manage them for you!