Halaxy Card Security FAQs

If you're wondering how secure your card details are in Halaxy - here's everything you need to know about how Halaxy manages your card details for you and the practitioners who use the platform:

1. How can I share my card details with my care network using Halaxy?
You can securely share you card details when you book an appointment online using Halaxy's Directory, via intake forms, or via your patient profile in Halaxy.  

To create a patient profile and manage your health with Halaxy, sign up for free here.

2. How does Halaxy manage my card details?
When your card details are entered into Halaxy, they are stored and tokenised by Halaxy's payments gateway, meaning that once initially entered and captured, they are not visible to anybody within the clinic or at Halaxy.

If card details need to be altered or updated, this requires the card to be completely re-entered, as a tokenised card is unable to be edited.

3. How does Halaxy's payment gateway work?
Halaxy's payments gateway is powered by Braintree Paypal in Australia, who as one of the world's largest online payment providers have a stringent data and security policy when it comes to storing cardholder details.

4. How does Halaxy's Authorised Limit helps to protect me?
Halaxy's Authorised Limit has been designed to add more protection to your payments processed via Halaxy, by preventing unusual transaction amounts from being wrongly processed.

Authorised Limit
Your Authorised Limit is the payment amount limit that your health professional can process without having to verify the transaction with you via SMS.

For example, if the Authorised Limit is $400 and a $500 payment is processed, you will receive a verification message via SMS. You'll then have the option to accept or reject the charge.

This way, the Authorised Limit not only helps protect patients from high-value unauthorised transactions, but also helps prevent credit/debit card charges disputes in the future.

5. What are the benefits for patients?
You can pay for your appointments the same way they pay for utilities, the gym, Uber, and other services and online purchases. So you can get on with your day straight after the appointment, and don't need to manage or worry about payments at all - since everything is protected by back-grade security and handled by Halaxy.

If you have more questions, contact your health practitioner.