We’re proud to let you know our latest fantastic feature: not just online bookings but group online bookings.

This is a game-changer for practitioners who run group sessions and classes (e.g. group therapy or pilates classes) because you can create a class time, and your patients can fill the spots by booking online with you – and they can even pay!

Halaxy is the only practice management software solution to offer group online bookings, so you can have your practice management software, directory, all online bookings, and payments all in the one place!

Here's how it works:

1. Easily create group appointments
The new appointment types feature allows you to quickly create as many appointment types as you need. Simply create a group appointment by setting the maximum number of patients to more than one.

2. All patients' details are linked to the one appointment
When patients book with you online to attend a group appointment, you will see all patients' details linked to the appointment information in your calendar - just like a regular appointment.

3. Reminders are automatically added
You don't need to set different reminders for group online bookings. Reminders are added automatically to the appointment as per your current settings - so if you have 10 patients booked, all 10 will receive email and/or SMS reminders.

4. Add a fee and invoices are also automatically added
You have the option to add a fee to any appointment type, including group online bookings. If you add a fee to your group appointment, invoices are then automatically created for patients linked to that appointment. You can even have different fee amounts for different participants in the class.

5. Manage your group appointments from your calendar
You can manage all your group appointment details, such as appointment duration, number of patients per appointment, as well as if it's enabled to be booked online, directly from your Halaxy calendar.

Allowing appointment type to be bookable online

When creating a new appointment type or editing an existing one, you now have the option to allow online bookings by selecting one of the options below.

These options control how the service is listed in your Halaxy profile and how the timeslots are displayed to patients when booking online:

Yes - any bookable appointment time
When you select this option, the appointment type is listed in your profile. Patients then have the option to click on the service and book a spot at any available timeslot in your online booking calendar.

Yes - only appointments matching the type
When you select this option, the appointment type will only be displayed in your profile if you had created an appointment specifically for this service.

Patients will then be able to click on the service and book a spot at the specific time that you created the appointment, and only that timeslot will be visible to them.

When you select this option, the appointment type is not available to be booked online.

Setting group online bookings:

  1. Go to Profile > Settings;
  2. Under Appointment Settings, click on the pencil icon next to Appointment Types;

3. Create a new appointment type or edit an existing one;

4. In Allow online booking, select the preferred option for that appointment type;

5. For group appointments, add the maximum number of patients to more than one;

6. Add appointment duration and save.

Online Booking Fee
You also have the option to add a fee to the appointment type to be displayed in your online booking calendar. To add a fee, you can select one from the dropdown menu or create a new fee and add it to the appointment.